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Running a law firm can be complicated.

On top of the day-to-day work of research and client meetings, you have the added work of marketing, accounting, billing, project management, and all the other aspects that keep the wheels spinning.

This complexity can make it difficult for even established firms to find opportunities to grow without exponentially increasing overhead.

The solution? The right technology.

With the right tools and apps, you can put many parts of your practice on autopilot and streamline processes to eliminate paperwork and bureaucracy.

One of the best tools for firms of all sizes is Clio, the all-in-one practice management software.

It offers some incredible features designed specifically to help law firms minimize overhead and find opportunities for growth.

Clio Helps Law Firms Operate and Scale

Purpose built for law firms, Clio offers a huge number of features and tools that can help your practice run more smoothly, improving both efficiency and effectiveness.

Most importantly, it simplifies and automates much of the day-to-day work that takes time away from client casework and other, more important tasks. It also means that your firm can grow without having to deal with increased overhead and administrative work.

Unified case management

Organize and track all aspects of individual cases. From discovery to trial, keep track of all time, tasks, and documents in one central location.

Because Clio is designed specifically for law firms, everything is built to track and manage cases in a way that makes sense.

Seamless time tracking and billing

Hourly billing and time reconciliation can be a massive and time-consuming task for law firms. With Clio, you can track and bill time directly to a client account all in one place.

Rather than using multiple apps to track time and then input that time or bill it to specific accounts, you can track time directly on assigned tasks. This keeps all your hours and minutes in sync, no matter how many team members are working on a specific case or how they’re spending their time.

Project and task management

Keep every project on track with integrated and pain-free project management. Break projects into tasks and assign them to individual team members. Then use the integrated time tracking feature to keep an eye on billable hours and roll everything to simple, detailed invoicing.

Each team member has a clear view of their upcoming tasks, and projects stay moving forward with fewer meetings, calls, and confusion.

Powerful reporting and dashboards

Clio gives you a high-level view of how things are going across your firm. With the robust reporting and dashboard functionality, you can identify and track relevant metrics and progress. See the big picture, plan for the next quarter, and set the right goals for every facet of the business — without juggling a hundred spreadsheets or using separate programs to track the numbers that matter most.

How Apptoto and Clio Work Together

Apptoto integrates directly with Clio to add robust messaging capabilities.

By connecting your Clio schedule to Apptoto, you can automate messaging with clients like appointment reminders and follow-ups. The deep integration gives you all of Apptoto’s messagingfeatures and options and directly integrates with appointments and meetings created inside Clio.

By integrating the two apps, you can utilize features to:

  • Create and send messages via email, SMS, or phone.
  • Integrate appointment and client details.
  • Set default reminder and follow-up message workflows.
  • Define custom reminder workflows for certain types of appointments.
  • Send one-off messages and reminders to individuals.

Even better, the integration is dead simple. It takes just a few minutes to get up and running, with your appointments from Clio synced up with Apptoto’s reminder platform.

Integrating Clio and Apptoto in 3 Steps

To use Clio and Apptoto together, you just need to allow Apptoto access to the calendars that you’re using to manage appointments within Clio.

This is a simple process and takes just three steps.

  1. Create an Apptoto account

If you don’t already have an Apptoto account, then the first step is to sign up for Apptoto. Signing up will automatically sync your Clio firm calendar to Apptoto and let you set up and configure alerts and reminders for all upcoming appointments.

Use this registration link to sign up directly for Apptoto and Clio integration.

  1. Add additional calendars (as needed)

To integrate additional calendars from Clio with Apptoto, you just need to add your Clio calendar to Apptoto using the integration process. You can add all the calendars that you use in Clio, giving Apptoto access to appointments created on any of them.

  1. Configure Apptoto reminders and notifications

Lastly, you can configure and customize the reminders and notifications that Apptoto will send. Whether you want to send an SMS, email, or an automated phone call — or all three — you can do it with just a few clicks.

You can also create custom workflows for certain types of appointments, like court dates or depositions, and create custom messages for any scenario you choose.

Clio and Apptoto Streamline Your Entire Law Practice

All the bells and whistles are nice, but what matters most is how these features help improve your practice.

Streamline work tracking and management

With Clio’s seamless project and task management features, plus Apptoto’s appointment reminders and automated follow-up, your entire workflow is integrated and simplified. From the very first phone call, you can track and manage every step and detail.

Sync up work, billing, and accounting

Work gets done, tracked, billed, and invoiced all in one central place. This means there’s no need for extra work putting everything in place or tracking down bills and invoices from every corner of the office.

Improve firm efficiency and productivity

Most importantly, all these benefits add up to make for a more efficient and effective practice.

With improved processes comes more productivity and less time spent on overhead and administrative tasks. To go a step further, the firm will be even more productive with the use of appointment reminders and confirmation messages that eliminate scheduling issues and keep the calendar in perfect sync.

After all, using reminders and appointment confirmations can reduce no-shows and late arrivals by up to 75 percent.

Both Clio and Apptoto are individually proven to increase efficiency and performance. But together, the Clio and Apptoto integration provides a potent combination of essential features.

Whether you’re an independent attorney running your own office or you work for large firm with hundreds of team members, using the right technology will help you streamline the entire operation. That means spending more time focused on clients and less time doing all the other stuff that comes with practicing law.