calendar on laptop

When Apptoto sends a message for an appointment, the message can contain a link to what we call the “Appointment Page”.  The Appointment Page provides additional information to your client, including a link to your homepage, when the appointment is scheduled, a link to call you, a link to a map, and whatever other information you would like the client to know about.

Here is a screenshot showing a mobile “Appointment Page”:

We’ve recently enhanced the customization options.  You can now customize:

  1. What appears as the title of the appointment.
  2. What appears as the location of the appointment.
  3. What appears in the “info” section.
  4. The “Add to Calendar” button.
  5. What appears as the “Prompt”

For example, you can now change the title to say “Haircut with …” instead of “Appt. with”.

You can even use information from the appointment entry on your calendar itself if you would like.  For example, if in your appointment you put “service: Massage” in the appointment’s notes, then you can change the
“Event Title” option on the appointment page to be “{{ }} with {{ user.name_and_company_link }}”and that would result in “Massage with …” appearing as the title.   If you need help setting that up, just let us know.

These options are found on the “Settings” > “Appointment Page” tab in your Apptoto portal.

Lastly, the “Event Title”, “Event Location” and “Event Info” options control what is added to your client’s calendar when they click the “Add to calendar” button.  This allows you to put whatever content you want in your appointment entry in your calendar, but then have it appear differently in your client’s calendar.

If you’re an existing user of Apptoto, you  may have to click the “Upgrade Now” button on the “Appointment Page” settings tab to see the new features.

As always, let us know if you have any questions about this new feature by sending an email to .