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One of Apptoto’s most popular features is it’s ability to automatically match appointments to contacts in your address book.  This allows you to simply put a person’s name in an appointment title and still have Apptoto messages sent to the contact.

Sometimes Apptoto will find multiple contacts that could potentially match an appointment. This often happens if you have multiple contacts with same name (e.g. “Fred Smith”) or if you have an address book that is in need of some TLC.

In the past, Apptoto would punt and simply choose the first contact in these cases. The onus was on the user to know when this might happen and correct it.

Today, we are releasing a new feature that flags appointments that have ambiguous contact matches and allows you to easily select which contact is the correct one.

Clicking on  will show you a list of potential matches:

Apptoto will also tell you which upcoming appointments are ambiguous in it’s daily email report, giving you a chance to resolve the issues.

There are multiple ways you can resolve ambiguous contact matches. Those include:

  1. In Apptoto: Click and pick the correct contact (as shown above)
  2. On your calendar: Add an email address or phone number to the appointment
  3. In your address book: Add middle initials or middle names to the contacts in your address book and the titles of your appointments.

By default, this feature is turned on for new users.  If you are an existing user, please turn it on by going to the “Settings” > “Account” tab and turning on “Detect ambiguous contact matches”.