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New features should always be driven by customer requests.  And we had a great customer request this week that inspired us to create a new feature that I’d like to share.

Users of Apptoto know that you can fully customize the reminder message that your clients hear.  You do that by using substitutions.  e.g. Your reminder message can be:

“Hi, this is {NAMEANDCOMPANY} calling to remind you of your appointment {DAYANDTIME}.”

But the list of substitutions that you can use has always been limited to a list of keywords that we allow you to use.  That is no longer the case!  You can create your own substitutions now, and provide the values in the appointments themselves.

e.g. if you want the reminder to say what the service is, you can make your reminder be:

“Hi, this is {NAMEANDCOMPANY} calling to remind you of your {{SERVICE}} {DAYANDTIME}.”

And then in the appointment you can provide the value for service in a couple different ways:

  1. In the appointment body you can provide the value by including “Service: haricut” on a line all by itself
  2. Or, you can provide the value anywhere in the appointment by using [service=haircut]

This is a cool new feature that should make it easy to customize your reminder messages even more than before.

Please, if you have any feature requests or ideas for us, let us know what they are by sending an email to .  Thanks!