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Today we’re rolling out a new feature called “Booking Invitations”.  This is an enhancement to our existing “Booking” messages feature.

“Booking” messages are messages that can be configure to be sent right when the appointment is created on your calendar (or the day after).

What’s new is that you can now configure your Booking messages to ask the client to Accept or Decline the booking and at the same time ask the client to add the appointment to their calendar.  If the client declines, then your appointment will be updated with [DECLINED] and you can be notified.  No reminder or follow-up messages will be sent to [DECLINED] appointments.

If the client accepts, then your appointment will be updated with [ACCEPTED] and messages will continue to be sent.

Sending Booking Invitation messages followed by Reminder messages (during the days before an appointment) is proving to be extremely effective at reducing no-shows.

Here is a screen showing the new “Messages” tab options:

That will result in the SMS Message saying “Reply 1 to accept, or 2 to decline.”  It will also result in the “Appointment Page” (i.e. the page the client sees if they click the link in the message) prompting the client if the Date & Time works (you can configure the prompt text on the new “Settings” > “Appointment Page” screen):

You can set up instant Email and SMS notifications to be sent to you whenever a client Accepts or Declines on the “Settings” > “Notifications” tab.

If you move an appointment after a client declines it, a new Booking Invitation will be sent.

As always, let us know if you have any questions about this new feature!   Thanks!