building a successful attorney client relationship

Apptoto Solutions to Building a Successful Attorney-Client Relationship

When your client retains legal counsel, it can be an overwhelming process.  It may come in a difficult time in your client’s life when they are facing new legal challenges, and this can make the attorney-client relationship complex.

Apptoto offers solutions to make building and maintaining positive relationships, even though no connection is always the same.

Be Prepared

Apptoto gives you the ability to send auto message reminders to your clients, staff, or even yourself, making it easy to automatically send different messages for different types of appointments.  The ability to send a custom message in response to an appointment for an initial consultation could give you a huge advantage over your competition, as your client may be still shopping around.

Inside the auto message templates Apptoto offers a robust list of fields where you can pull through dynamic information like first name, location, etc to customize your message.  However, the most significant upside to these fields is the ability to add custom fields. These custom fields will allow you to pull through information from your calendar and send it to your client and team. You may use custom fields to remind yourself about the topic you wish to discuss, a message to your client about information/documentation they need to bring, or a message to your supporting staff on documentation that should be prepared for the meeting.

Be Prompt

Time is valuable, and your ability to be punctual will show that you value your client.

With the capability to send custom reminder messages, you can send an appointment reminder to your client via SMS text, email, or voice calls. Your client will also be able to confirm the appointment, cancel, reschedule or even open up a dialogue.

Apptoto automatically opens up communication with your client, saving you time and money, and showing your clients that you care about your relationship.

Be Available

Being available and responsive to a client is essential, and can have a considerable impact on an attorney-client relationship.  If you can, you should make yourself available your clients.

If you send communication via text, email, or voice call, you should have a tool in place for your client to respond via that same communication method.

While Apptoto can send a message to your client before your meeting, you can also send a tailored follow-up message automatically. Additionally, Apptoto offers 2-way messaging to manage client communication in 1 place.  If your client responds to your message via text or email, you can see all this communication inside of Apptoto and respond in a timely manner.

Making yourself available is not all about great communication, it is also about the ability to open yourself up for an appointment or meeting in an easy and streamlined way.  With the scheduling page, your clients can see your availability, schedule an appointment, and have it automatically added to your calendar. It will feel like you are always available, even if you aren’t.


Clients want and need to feel like they are a priority, and maintaining excellent communication is one of the easiest ways to keep your clients happy and make them feel valued.

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