alleviating appointment forgetfulness

The Perks of Appointment Reminders for Mental Health Professionals  

October is Mental Health Awareness Month, so your friends at Apptoto want to take the time to talk about some of the ways appointment reminders can help alleviate stress and have a positive impact on your clients’ mental health. According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), 26 percent of outpatient clients attribute missed appointments to forgetfulness. That’s a lot of lost opportunities for your patient and your practice. A forgotten appointment equates to an empty time slot in your day — a time slot which could have been filled by another patient, had advanced notice been provided. It also means the client who missed their appointment did so unintentionally, which can lead to a negative impact on their levels of stress, anxiety, and more.

On the other hand, had the patient received a friendly appointment reminder, such as an email, text message, or voicemail, they would have had the opportunity to make sure their calendar is marked and that other factors, such as transportation — which, according to the same NCBI report cited above, attributes to 28 percent of missed appointments — have been accounted for.

Keep reading to learn more about the positive impacts of appointment reminders.

Quiet the Mind with Organization

Whether your client manages a single appointment per week or a full daily schedule for an entire family, a well organized calendar can help reduce feelings of chaos and anxiousness which may have a negative impact on a person’s mental health and wellbeing. By providing friendly memos to your client, including simple sms appointment reminders, you can help them keep track of their upcoming sessions and provide a single touch point for confirmations and cancellations.

End Cancellation Stress

If your client knows they need to cancel their appointment ahead of time, but doesn’t find the time or take the initiative to make the call, what seems like a simple task can snowball into a heap of stress that can negatively affect their overall feeling of wellness. But with easy confirmation and cancellation options included in your email or text reminder, you can provide a gentle prompt which allows them to complete the action with ease. Not only can they check off one more box on their to-do list for the day, your team will also be notified in advance and have the opportunity to fill the newly vacated appointment slot of follow up with the client per your policy.

Check In with Your Clients

Appointment reminders are not only useful for helping clients keep track of their scheduled sessions, they can also be used to remind to them to schedule or reschedule appointments in the future. Even something as simple as an automated text message can remind a client to make time for their mental health, even when hectic modern living pushes it right out of their top priorities.

Get Started with Apptoto

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