new apptoto feature

Apptoto excels at the ability to remind appointments on your calendar, but now you have the ability to track the state of these appointments. After updating the check-in states for your appointments, with a quick glance at the calendar at the end of the day you will be able to see how many appointments arrived on time or did not show for their appointments.

Four check-in states are offered and they are on-time, arrived, no show and late. They can be marked through your calendar or Apptoto. Once check-in status is updated, they will appear on your calendar similar to reminder blurbs:

The benefits of being able to track check-in states is the ability to observe the effectiveness or your reminders or see if you have repeat offenders that may need an additional nudge before their next appointment.

Marking Through Apptoto

Marking your check-in state through Apptoto is easy and can be marked through the Agenda View or through the participant action button in the Appointment Editor.

Check-in states can only be applied to appointments that have already occurred, or when the start time is in the past. To clear or change a check-in state, follow the steps above, and simply select “Reset Check-In State”.

Marking Through Your Calendar

In addition to allowing participants to be marked with a check-in state through Apptoto’s interface, this feature is also available through your calendar by utilizing in-event commands. Applying a check-in state this way will mark ALL participants in a single appointment with the same check-in state, whereas Apptoto’s interface allows you to mark participants individually. For appointments whose check-in states were set via in-event command, the check-in state can be reset by simply removing that in-event command.

The check-in state commands are as follows, and are not case-sensitive:

#Ontime – This will mark the participant check-in state as “on-time” for on-time arrivals.
#Arrived – This will mark the participant check-in state as “arrived”.
#Late – This will mark the participant check-in state as “late” for late arrivals.
#Noshow – This command will mark the participant check-in state as “no show” for participants that fail to show for an appointment.

Participant Check-In State Reporting

Much like messages, Apptoto offers reporting functionality for appointments as well in your “Tools”>“Reports”>“Appointments” tab. This feature allows you to graph the state of appointments over a course of time for any/all calendars, via bar graph or a time series chart.

You can filter your view by certain states to get information about specific states individually or get an aggregate accounting through the “Appointments” or “Appointments with Contacts” metrics. This is also an exportable reports feature which will make tracking and monitoring your appointments and their status easier.