Property management is not a simple industry.

Many times, outsiders think that it’s just a matter of finding renters and making sure the lawn gets mowed. But anyone with experience in the industry knows that it takes a huge amount of clipboardcommitment and coordination to manage the hundreds — or thousands — of moving pieces that go into day-to-day operations.

To make matters even more difficult, growing a property management company means that the tasks and overhead management grows exponentially. As you take on more properties, you take on more maintenance, inspections, and walkthroughs.

Every new property comes with its unique scheduling challenges and a new set of tenants that need to be kept in the loop about important upcoming dates and times.

This may seem like the nature of the business. Property management means managing — manually, one by one — all the aspects of the property. Right?

Well, that may not be the full story.

While the majority of our clients are service professionals who schedule and manage in-person or phone appointments, that’s not the only way a digital appointment service can help companies grow and manage their communications.

One Apptoto customer has found a unique and interesting way to use our software. They’re using it to automate huge amounts of scheduling work that was previously done manually and have cut their overhead time spent coordinating dates and times by 50 percent.

This huge improvement in efficiency means less time sending emails and more time talking to tenants, working with clients, and growing the business.

A Burgeoning Property Management Company Goes Digital

Based in Annapolis, Maryland, Annapolis Property Services (APS) oversees a sprawling portfolio of more than 450 properties, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condos.

The size of their portfolio is impressive. But the process for coordinating and managing services was growing into a nightmare.

“As part of our management services, we perform semi-annual property inspections,” explains Samford Collins, Director of Operations for APS. “Before Apptoto, we manually emailed notifications. We perform roughly 75 inspections per month — that’s a lot of emails.”

But they found Apptoto as a solution.

Rather than individually coordinating times for each appointment, they automated the entire process.

“We use a Google Calendar to schedule the inspections,” explains Collins. “Apptoto seamlessly integrates to automatically send the notifications.”

Time saved from the new process is huge.

The ping-ponging back and forth to set up a single meeting quickly sends the number of messages into the stratosphere.

One study found that it takes on average about eight messages to set up a single meeting. Multiply that by 75 meetings per month, and APS employees could have been bouncing around some 600 emails every month just to schedule and confirm their routine inspections.

That’s not to mention any additional maintenance appointments, emergency calls, or walkthroughs that crop up throughout any given month when managing almost 500 properties. In total, Apptoto saved them from sending and reading over 1,000 emails per month.

That’s no small feat, and the time saved has meant big improvements for the business.

Time Saved Is Money Earned

“Using Apptoto has cut the time APS employees spend scheduling in half,” says Collins, not mincing words about the effect on their business. “It’s one of the best process improvement tools we’ve implemented.”

clockAny business that can cut its overhead time in half — no matter the industry — stands to make huge gains.

That isn’t just time that’s freed up, it’s actually money in the bank for many companies, including APS. Every minute not spent blustering through emails and appointment management (and in this case, it’s a lot of minutes every month) is time that can be spent on revenue-generating activities and improving the business as a whole.

If we are to extrapolate the math from up above and assume that 1,000 emails per month (both sent and received) each take one minute to read, write, or reply to, that means cutting the time in half would save a whopping 500 minutes per month spent on emails — a full eight-hour workday!

This is, of course, the real value of the time saved when APS was able to cut their overhead time in half. They were able to claim an extra full day each month for their employees to focus on the work that helps the business grow.

That will allow them to keep their property management company going, up and beyond the 500-property mark.

What could your business accomplish if your employees had an extra day of work each month?

Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

The Apptoto platform helps thousands of businesses from all kinds of industries streamline and improve their scheduling and appointment processes. Our software offers key functionality that makes it perfect for companies ranging from dentists and doctors to salons and property managers.

Here’s what makes the tool so great:

Online booking — Hassle-free online booking lets clients, customers, or tenants find the first available slot that works with their schedule. There’s no need to barter back and forth to find a date and time. Instead, it takes just a few clicks to find and set an appointment that works for everyone. Not only does it save your business time (and money), but it also creates a better customer experience that feels seamless and simple.

Automated reminders — Things happen. Plans change. Apptoto’s automated reminders make sure all your appointments receive proper notification of upcoming meetings to ensure  everything is on track. They can confirm the appointment to lock in their time or let you know if they need to reschedule. Everything’s done automatically with just a few clicks, and your business can customize the cadence and delivery method (phone, email, or SMS) that works best for your customers or clients.

Robust integrations — Apptoto integrates natively with almost every major scheduling and calendar app, including Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar, and Outlook. It also works with Salesforce, Clio, and even custom SQL databases. Apptoto can help streamline almost any system or process you use to run your business, no matter what products you’re using to schedule and track appointments or meetings.

If you’re not sure if Apptoto can help your business, just contact our team and see how it can help you lower overhead, save time and money, and provide a better experience for your customers or clients.