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How-To: Schedule Appointment Reminders using Apptoto

There are multiple ways to schedule appointment reminders using Apptoto once you’ve connected your calendar. Approach #1) Manually Apptoto allows […]

Booking Invitations (with accept/decline)

Today we’re rolling out a new feature called “Booking Invitations”.  This is an enhancement to our existing “Booking” messages feature. […]

New Appointment Page Settings & “Add to calendar” Button

When Apptoto sends a message for an appointment, the message can contain a link to what we call the “Appointment Page”. […]

Conditional Appointment Messages

You can now control which messages are sent based on the content of the appointment. For example, if you want […]

Automated Follow-up and Booking Confirmations

Apptoto can now be used to automatically send messages to your clients when Appointments are first entered into your calendar […]

Custom Fields in Reminders

New features should always be driven by customer requests.  And we had a great customer request this week that inspired […]