Online Appointment Scheduling

Is “How We’ve Always Done it” Holding You Back?

How Online Appointment Scheduling & Legal Calendaring Software are Changing Business for the Better When it comes to scheduling appointments, managing calendars, and coordinating clients, the thought of a change in software can send even the most seasoned office managers and admins into a bit of a tailspin. We get it. Adjusting takes time and […]Read more

Staying Connected with Family Using Call Reminders

It’s always fun to see our clients making use of Apptoto in ways we never thought of when we first built it.  Most of our readers/users know us as simply an Appointment Reminder system; however Apptoto is really an appointment messaging platform that can be used in many creative ways.   One such example is a […]Read more

Apptoto Attorney Solutions

Solutions to Building a Successful Attorney-Client Relationship

Apptoto Solutions to Building a Successful Attorney-Client Relationship When your client retains legal counsel, it can be an overwhelming process.  It may come in a difficult time in your client’s life when they are facing new legal challenges, and this can make the attorney-client relationship complex.   Apptoto offers solutions to make building and maintaining […]Read more

Clio Appointment Reminders

Apptoto sends Appointment Reminders to your Clio Contacts On May 24th Clio announced that Apptoto is Clio’s integration of the week, and we were so excited about that. Apptoto sends Clio appointment reminders to your clients.  Clio is a robust case management system used by law firms that offer you the ability to manage clients, […]Read more

Apptoto has Updated Our Privacy Policy

Appoto Updated Privacy Policy and GDPR If you are a European Union (EU) resident, or even if you are not, you are probably aware that enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25th, 2018.  In preparation for that, we’ve made some changes to our agreements and product to comply […]Read more

Apptoto Q&A

Sneak Peek at a New Feature | How to Use Search in Apptoto

Apptoto Releases New Search Feature Apptoto has released a very powerful search feature that allows you to search for your customers, confirmed appointments, no-shows, custom fields, with robust reporting and messaging capabilities. Apptoto Search is Still in Beta We have not rolled out search to all of our customers. The functionality is still in Beta, […]Read more

Accountability vs. Responsibility & the Role of Communication

Most business schools dive into existential topics that surround business but may seem superfluous to actual day-to-day operations. Two ideas often covered are accountability and responsibility. In the business world, we often see these terms used in connection with things like meeting quarterly goals or undertaking major projects. And they’re often thought to essentially mean […]Read more