Zapier integrations with Apptoto

Three Things to Automate Today with Zapier

The “Internet of Things” is a household phrase these days. You can automate anything from your home security system to your morning coffee with the touch of a button.   Automation has taken over our homes and is rapidly moving into our businesses, making our lives simpler each day. Though automation software and processes are […]Read more

Appointment Reminders and Regulatory Compliance: FCC and TCPA

Apptoto, cannot provide legal advice, however we feel it’s important to inform our users of the regulations surrounding automated appointment reminders.  This information is not to be used as a substitute for legal counsel. TLDR: If you can show that your client gave you his or her wireless number, then you effectively have express consent […]Read more

“Compose” More Powerful in Apptoto Connect!

Streamline your workflow even more with these 5 new Apptoto Connect updates designed to make “Compose” even more powerful! Templates You can now create templates to re-use when sending one-time messages through the “Compose” button.  For example, you can create a template named “Ask to reschedule” which uses your common verbiage when asking clients to […]Read more

How to use Apptoto Webhooks

Apptoto Webhooks allow you to integrate Apptoto’s Appointment Messaging & Scheduling Platform further into your workflow, by triggering things to happen when certain events happen in Apptoto (e.g. when someone books an appointment with you, or when someone is a no-show). Recently we took our Webhook platform out of BETA and made it generally available […]Read more

New Auto Messages Editor

New Apptoto Auto Messages Editor We’ve recently started rolling out a new version of our “Auto Messages” tab inside of the Apptoto application.  All new users have access to it, and all existing users can now try it.  This blog post will cover some of the changes to how the Auto Messages editor works and […]Read more

Staff Messaging with Apptoto’s “To: Field” feature

We all know now just how powerful and flexible Apptoto’s automated messages are for reminding your clients of their appointments, but what if you or your staff also need to receive reminder messages for all appointments?  You can now use Apptoto’s “To: Field” feature to send automated messages to your staff or reminders to yourself. […]Read more

What is Apptoto?

Tyler Blair has been an account executive/support specialist with Apptoto for almost three years now.  Recently he was interviewed for a podcast on Maximum Lawyer’s website by Jim Hacking.  Tyler does a great job explaining Apptoto and the basics of how it works!  You can listen to the podcast here: Online Scheduling Service For Lawyers […]Read more

Scheduling Apps That Can Save You Time

Scheduling Apps That Can Save You Time

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Appointment-Booking Apps* Staying on top of your business is getting easier every day thanks to time-saving apps and software like Apptoto. With a long list of features designed to streamline your daily operations, appointment booking apps can automate scheduling, send personalized reminders, and even offer easy auto-replies for confirmations, cancellations, and […]Read more

Tracking Time Using Text Reminders and Your Calendar

Did you know that Apptoto reminders can be used for time tracking of employees or clients? This is just another innovative way we have seen Apptoto being customized to fit some of our customers’ needs! We have several users who require a timestamp mechanism to document when one of their employees arrives or leaves a […]Read more