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Real estate agents wear many hats.

One of the most difficult parts of the job can be setting up home showings, juggling appointments, and worrying about time and opportunity lost if clients forget.

This kind of administrative work can easily overburden a real estate agent — especially solo ones — and cause them to lose focus on the more important task of serving their client’s home buying needs.

The hard truth is that an estimated 87 percent of real estate agents fail and change careers within five years. It’s not because of a lack of drive or ambition but often comes from a breakdown in process or not fully capitalizing on every lead and opportunity due to time constraints.

This is why many real estate agents and brokers find a schedule management app like Apptoto to be the perfect solution. Not only does it take the burden off agents to micromanage and maintain their schedule, but it also makes it easier for clients to book, confirm, and reschedule appointments as needed.

For real estate agents, this presents a massive opportunity to improve their processes with a system that is configured perfectly to meet their needs and provide the highest level of service to clients. In addition, it can dramatically reduce overhead and ultimately help agents flourish and grow.

Make appointment setting seamless

Navigating schedules and finding times for appointments and home showings can be a chore in itself. It’s not uncommon for real estate agents to exchange multiple phone calls, voicemails, emails, or text messages just to set a single appointment.

With Apptoto, it’s all one step.

Real estate agents can integrate their calendars, set their availability, block off appointments, and then send a link right to prospective clients or buyers.

They’ll be able to see available times, book appointments, and receive a confirmation and follow-up all on their own, without the need for back and forth or a go-between.

Each volley between client and agent is a chance to lose business. Clients are often turned off by the hassle of having to coordinate around busy schedules or simply get distracted in the process of bouncing back and forth between available time slots. They move on to the next opportunity or miss out on a key window of time to view or learn more about an available property.

Even the most experienced agents only convert about one out of 25 contacts into an appointment. This leaves no opportunity for mistakes or lost opportunities.

Using a tool like Apptoto, agents can simply update their calendar with available times and book the appointment without confusion or frustration from the other side. Likewise, customers can book an available time slot that works for them based on openings in the agent’s calendar.

Of course, booking the appointment is only the first step. Apptoto also helps agents keep on top of their schedule and remind clients of their appointments automatically.

Confirm meetings and reduce no-shows

After an appointment is booked, Apptoto handles all of the reminders and confirmations tied to a client’s upcoming meeting or showing.

The service is 100% automated and provides customized reminder messages and confirmation settings to make sure every meeting is locked in and that they never slip the mind of a potential client.

Apptoto allows agents to create simple reminder sequences that send timed messages as an appointment nears. It also allows you to ask clients to confirm their appointments ahead of time, locking in their spot and making sure you never double-book or have an empty time block in the day.

Studies from our client data have shown that 90 percent of confirmed appointments won’t be rescheduled.

Not only does this save time (a.k.a. money) for agents, but also it provides an extra nudge for clients, giving them confidence that their appointment is on the books, and reminds them of the time, place, and any other relevant information they need to arrive on time.

Focus on providing value, not managing your calendar

A realtor speaking with clients in front of a home for sale

Clients often don’t see the level of preparation and research that real estate agents put into each appointment and showing. In some cases, it may make up the bulk of an agent’s day, meaning that they have less time to actually meet with clients and view properties.

Add in all the time spent on advertising, marketing, prospecting, and travel, and most agents simply don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done while also juggling a packed schedule and booking appointments. Anything that can help reduce the overhead associated with basic administration is a major win for any agent.

Every minute spent scheduling, managing, and confirming appointments is just that much less time agents have to focus on their client’s needs and finding the right opportunities.

Agents using a system like Apptoto can dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort they spend setting their calendar, and allow them to focus on the important work it takes to run the business.

Take your business to the next level

Most importantly of all, Apptoto allows real estate agents to scale their time and grow their business.

As an agent, your entire business — and income — revolves around your ability to manage a flurry of tasks and stay on top of all the details it takes to run a business. It’s not reasonable to expect that you can handle all these tasks on your own.

Smart use of technology is the bedrock for any modern business and enables faster growth, smoother operations, and a higher level of customer service.

Finding the right tools that work for your business without constraining your operations is the key to success. You need something that meets your immediate needs but can also scale and adapt as your business grows, without creating extra work in the process.

This magical mix of features, functionality, and flexibility isn’t always easy to find. You’ll want to evaluate your options carefully and also consider how your needs and processes will change over time. Systems that support your current operations may not work if you have three, four, or 10 agents working together.

Apptoto provides the perfect mix of powerful technology and a flexible system that can save you tons of time and money, whether you’re a solo agent or running the biggest firm in town.