Appointment reminders for financial service providers

Apptoto for financial services

Make no-shows a thing of the past.

You worked hard to get that new client appointment, make sure they show up with automated text reminders, voice reminders and email reminders.

Apptoto can help you:

  • Eliminate no-shows with automated text, voice and email appointment reminders
  • Cut down on time spent doing administrative tasks like scheduling and calendaring
  • Recall clients for annual reviews and portfolio performance reviews
  • Grow your business by easy 24/7 access to schedule time on your calendar

Customizable email reminders, voice reminders, and automated text message reminders

60% of people said getting a text reminder would make them less likely to miss an appointment versus a phone call or email.

Online Scheduling that integrates with your current calendar

31% of people would choose a new service provider if they offered online booking.

2-way business messaging helps you respond promptly to your clients needs

96% of people find phone calls disruptive to their day.