No More No-Shows.
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Organize and automate your client communication and appointments with a fully customizable Appointment Management System For Law Firms.

Works with your existing calendar & workflow

Apptoto integrates with Google, Outlook, Salesforce, Apple, Android, Clio, Zapier and more.
A legal professional sitting at her desk looking at a computer.
A legal professional sitting at her desk looking at a computer.
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Do You Struggle With:

  • Clients missing appointments, or arriving late?
  • Spending non-billable hours on appointment scheduling and management?
  • Trying to manage multiple systems for booking appointments, sending reminders, and client communication?

What Apptoto Can Do For You

A sample of a custom appointment reminder filtered by custom key words.

Apptoto's appointment management system allows you to create simple or complex rules about when and what to communicate. Want to send a reminder for court appointments, but a different reminder for depositions? Easy. Our custom rules allow you to set up your system however you want!

A lawyer sitting at her desk with an overlay of logos of products that Apptoto integrates with, including Google and Microsoft

Apptoto allows you to book and manage your entire team's calendar and messaging all from the same place. Use it to run the appointments of the whole firm!

A legal professional sharing an iPad with clients and an inbox showing 3 client notifications.

Are your clients ever hard to track down? Communicate with your clients through whichever channel they prefer! Send text messages, emails, or phone calls. Remind your client of your appointment or give them the option to reschedule. Better yet? Schedule these communications so that they happen automatically!

Two law professionals meet. An iPhone message asks their clients to leave them a Google review.

Grow your firm's reputation, by collecting more 5-star reviews! Create an automated reminder to leave reviews on your preferred platform.

Two legal professionals chat at a desk with an automated message to their client, Beth, wishing her a happy birthday.

With Apptoto's campaign feature, you will never miss a personal touch again. You can customize and schedule any message. Use them as reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays so that you continue to grow your client relationships.

We Get It - Managing Appointments Can Be Hard

Apptoto has been helping clients like you be in control of their calendar since 2010. Trusted by over 3,000 companies.

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Eric Faucett - Express Uncontested Divorce

Eric Faucett
Express Uncontested Divorce
Legal Services

"We have been using Apptoto for years!
We have noticed a massive improvement in appointment show rates! Reminders are a MUST HAVE for any service provider! 5 stars for sure!!!!"

Michael Boyd Law

Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd Law
Legal Services

"Apptoto is an excellent tool that seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook for Contacts. We use it every day to remind clients of appointments... and they appreciate it."

How it works

Connect your calendar

1 Connect Your Calendar

Set up your free account and tell us which calendar(s) you want Apptoto to work with. Don't worry, we won't change your data or send anything without your permission.

2 Review Apptoto's Customized Recomendations

Based on the type of appointments you have on your calendar, Apptoto will give you suggestions for how to schedule your first reminder.

3 Launch Your Automated Appointment Management System

Manage your calendar by automatically sending appointment reminders and custom messages, as well as storing status changes and communication all in one place.

Managing Appointments Isn't Simple Anymore

At Apptoto we know your caseload can be overwhelming. We understand that managing your calendar and clients isn't as easy as it use to be. That's why we created an appointment management system that organizes your appointments, reminders, and client communication.

The best part of it is, once you set it, you can forget it! Apptoto can be fully automated so that you can get back to the thing you and your staff want to focus on; being with your clients.

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