Get Patients To Show Up To Their Appointments, Every Time.

A fully customizable, HIPAA Compliant, Appointment Reminders and Patient Communication Management System for Health Services.

Works with your existing calendar & workflow

Apptoto integrates with your existing calendar and workflow
A doctor reviews her appointment schedule. A text appointment reminder lets her client know they have an appointment tomorrow
A doctor reviews her appointment schedule. A text appointment reminder lets her client know they have an appointment tomorrow

Eliminate No-Shows Eliminate No-Shows

Automate Your Reminders Consolidate Your Workflow

Save Time & Moneys Save Time & Money

An image of a patient checking in at a medical office next to a receptionist that, when clicked, leads to a video about Apptoto.

Do You Struggle With:

  • Getting a hold of patients to confirm appointments?
  • Missed appointments and late arrivals?
  • Trying to manage multiple systems for bookings, reminders, and communication?

What Apptoto Can Do For You

A receptionist and a doctor review a campaign reminder that is scheduled to be sent to clients to book their 6-month appointment

Apptoto's online scheduling integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, MyAvatar, SFDC, and NextGen! Integrate with the same workflow you are using now, and because Apptoto syncs automatically with your system you can eliminate manual data entry forever!

A physical therapist talks on the phone. Products that Apptoto integrates with are shown, including Google and EMR systems

Apptoto allows you to book and manage your entire team's calendars and messaging all from the same place. Use it to run the appointments of the whole office or of multiple office locations!

A chiropractic receptionist checks in a male patient with an inbox showing 3 patient notifications.

Are your patients ever hard to track down? Communicate with your patients through whichever channel they prefer! Send text messages, emails, or phone calls. Remind your patient of your appointment or give them the option to reschedule. Better yet? Schedule these communications so that they happen automatically!

A medical staff member smiles with an iPhone message notification that asks her patient to review their practice on Google

Grow your reputation, by collecting more 5-star reviews! Create an automated reminder to leave reviews on your preferred platform.

A female receptionist at a physical therapist's office checks in a male patient.

With Apptoto's campaign feature, you will never miss a personal touch again. You can customize and schedule any message. Use them as reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays so that you continue to grow your patient relationships. You can also send one-time reminders about announcements all of your patients need to know.

A patient checks in at a doctor's office. An Apptoto notification displays he's already paid his $45 copay ahead of time.

Choose what's required of your patients when they schedule appointments. Customize your booking process to include a required co-pay using Apptoto payments.

We Get It - Managing Appointments Can Be Hard

Apptoto has been helping patients like you be in control of their calendar since 2010. Trusted by over 3,000 companies.

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Steve Nenninger, NMD

Steve Nenninger, NMD
Health Services

"...Apptoto has not only decreased scheduling confusion, it has eliminated it. It has also eliminated the staff support and expenses required to maintain the schedule. The service is an incredible value."

Dr. Jefferson - Metropolitan Podiatry Associates

Dr. Jefferson
Metropolitan Podiatry Associates
Health Services

"Our no-show rate has sharply decreased. The patients love it and my staff is free to do other tasks."

Tracey Russ - Austin Prosthetic Center, Inc.

Tracey Russ
Austin Prosthetic Center, Inc.
Health Services

"Easy to use, allows you to communicate with patients via text and syncs with Google calendar. Great tool for a small business."

How it works

Connect your calendar

1 Connect Your Calendar

Set up your free account and tell us which calendar(s) you want Apptoto to work with. Don't worry, we won't change your data or send anything without your permission.

2 Review Apptoto's Customized Recomendations

Based on the type of appointments you have on your calendar, Apptoto will give you suggestions for how to schedule your first reminder.

3 Launch Your Automated Appointment Management System

Manage your calendar by automatically sending appointment reminders and custom messages, as well as storing status changes and communication all in one place.

Managing Appointments Isn't Simple Anymore

At Apptoto we understand that managing your schedule and calendar isn't as easy as it use to be. That's why we created an appointment management system that organizes your appointments, reminders, and patient communication.

The best part of it is, once you set it, you can forget it! You can get back to the thing you and your staff want to focus on; being with your patients.

A male doctor talks to a male patient as he checks in at the receptionist's desk. the receptionist is looking at the patient and smiling.

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