Sales and client appointment manager app

Apptoto for sales teams

Perfect your pitch, not your administrative skills.

You can’t afford to miss a sale. Help make sure your clients know when and where they can catch your polished sales pitch with fully customizable email reminders, voice reminders, and automated text reminders from Apptoto.

Apptoto can help you:

  • Reduce daily tasks with a direct integration into, Zapier and other CRMs
  • Manage your team smarter with multiple users, calendar and locations supported
  • Minimize back and forth emails with online scheduling through our business appointment manager
  • Reduce no-shows with automated reminders via text, voice or email
  • Quickly reschedule cancellations with an automated online booking link reminder

Automated appointment reminders

Make your calendar smarter with appointment reminder templates, or even customize reminders to include notes and follow-up action items.

Online scheduling

Whether the clients book online via a booking link, through an SDR or directly with the rep on the phone: all appointments are visible to Apptoto’s reminder system.

2-way messaging

Changes happen. Use 2-way messaging from a dedicated number to keep business and personal separate while still responding quickly to your clients.