Automate appointment reminders and keep your personal touch.

Organize and automate all of your client communication and appointments with a fully customizable Appointment Management System for Real Estate Agents and Property Management Companies.

Works with your existing calendar & workflow

Apptoto integrates with Google, Outlook, Salesforce, Apple, Android, Clio, Zapier and more.
A real estate agent smiling looking at the camera while a couple of her happy clients stand behind her with an automated text message appointment reminder for a accounting service appointment that reads, Hey Shannon, you have an appointment tomorrow at 10:30am with Alps Property Management. Reply 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, or 3 to reschedule.
A legal professional sitting at her desk looking at a computer.
A property manager sitting at a desk looking at a house layout on his computer. In front of the photo is a play button that says watch the video.

Do You Struggle With:

  • Clients or potential clients missing appointments, or arriving late?
  • Spending too much time on appointment scheduling and management?
  • Maintaining communication with a potential client after an initial meeting or showing?

What Apptoto Can Do For You

A real estate broker smiling while talking to a client on her phone in front of her computer with a sample booking page that provides the option to book 2 types of appointments: Initial consultation or property walk through.

Apptoto's online Scheduling integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and many more! Integrate with the same workflow you are using now or set up your own booking page using Apptoto. Allow potential clients to select an appointment or showing time that works best for them!

Two real estate agents, one smiling looking at an ipad, the other talking on the phone with an overlay of logos of products that integrate with Apptoto: Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Apple, Zapier.

Apptoto allows you to book and manage your entire team's calendars and messaging all from the same place. Use it to run the appointments of the whole office!

A female property management agent at a client meeting, showing a client a house description on a computer and an inbox showing 3 client notifications.

We know you have a lot of clients, and it can be hard to manage all of the communication, especially if they communicate on different platforms. With Apptoto, you can communicate with your clients through whichever channel they prefer! Send text messages, emails, or phone calls, but have all of that communication stored in one place! Remind your client of your appointment or give them the option to reschedule. Better yet? Schedule these communications so that they happen automatically!

A real esate agent at a client appointment, showing an older couple a listing of a house on a computer.

We know that in the Real Estate industry, relationships matter most. We understand that the idea of automating communication can feel daunting. With Appototo, you can create rules and triggers for just about anything so that your custom automated messages, are truly tailored to each individual situation.

A female property manager tours a home with a couple with an automated text message that reads, Hey Sarah, thank you for touring with us yesterday. Here is a link to the lease application.

With Apptoto's campaign feature, you can customize and schedule any message. After your initial meeting, you can send a series of scheduled follow-up texts or emails that are customized based on their interest level. You can also use campaigns to send reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays so that you continue to grow your client relationships.

A female real estate broker signing papers with a couple with an automated text message that reads, Hey Josh, congratulations on your new home! We enjoyed working with you. If you have a moment, can you please leave us a quick review?

Grow your reputation, by collecting more 5-star reviews! Create an automated reminder to leave reviews on your preferred platform.

We Get It - Managing Appointments Can Be Hard

Apptoto has been helping clients like you be in control of their calendar since 2010. Trusted by over 3,000 companies.

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The Residential Group

The Residential Group
Real Estate

"Apptoto has been so instrumental in saving us time contacting for appointment reminders and stopped so much rescheduling with our clients. We have used it for 5 years or more!! Highly recommend."

Stacy Corrigan - Peace of Mind Property Mgmt & RE, Inc.

Stacy Corrigan
Peace of Mind Property Mgmt & RE, Inc.
Real Estate

"I love the system, it really helps keep us organized and totally helps improve our appointment hold ratio. The only suggestion I have is on the text is used to provide the address and now it doesn't, maybe that is a setting I need to reinitiate."

Jorge Rosell - Synergy Realty Group

Jorge Rosell
Synergy Realty Group
Real Estate

"I love the ease, reliability, and flexibility of using Apptoto. Makes my business so much smoother."

How it works

Connect your calendar

1 Connect Your Calendar

Set up your free account and tell us which calendar(s) you want Apptoto to work with. Don't worry, we won't change your data or send anything without your permission.

2 Review Apptoto's Customized Recomendations

Based on the type of appointments you have on your calendar, Apptoto will give you suggestions for how to schedule your first reminder.

3 Launch Your Automated Appointment Management System

Manage your calendar by automatically sending appointment reminders and custom messages, as well as storing status changes and communication all in one place.

Managing Appointments Isn't Simple Anymore

At Apptoto we understand that managing your schedule and calendar isn't as easy as it use to be. That's why we created a calendar management system that organizes your appointments, reminders and client communication.

The best part of it is, once you set it, you can forget it! You can get back to the thing you and your staff want to focus on; being with your clients.

A female real estate broker touring a home with a young couple.

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