Law Firm, JDKatz, Amplifies Commitment to Client Service with Apptoto

Lawyer and client outside courthouse

About JDKatz Attorneys at Law

Award-winning law firm, JDKatz, P.C., is based in Bethesda, Maryland and grosses over $1 M in annual revenue. With their team of attorneys, CPAs, JD/LLMs, and support staff, the team at JDKatz advises clients in the areas of estate planning, real estate, corporate law, tax matters, and litigation. Their clients span from C-level executives to retirees. The firm seeks to communicate their values of trustworthiness, fidelity, care for their clients, and consistent performance in every interaction.


JDKatz knew that demonstrating trustworthiness in all their client interactions was a key tenant of their business from the onset. While many law firms set a goal to make their clients feel valued, they often lack the infrastructure to consistently convey care and concern.

The first opportunity to establish trust for their clients came in the form of appointment reminders. Unfortunately, for JDKatz, manually reminding clients about their upcoming appointments was fraught with unanticipated challenges. Clients often missed reminder calls. When they did connect with the firm, clients often feared they would be billed for the personal reminder (they weren’t). Often, these miscommunications resulted in clients arriving late or not at all. In turn, the office had to spend more time contacting clients about rescheduling or to tell them important information about their upcoming visits.

Founder, Jeffrey Katz, knew there had to be a better way. Jeffrey needed reasonably-priced software that would automate sending appointment reminders and integrate with ScheduleOnce, Outlook, and Google Calendar.

He chose Apptoto.


Flexible Enough to Serve all Clients

Apptoto sends reminders by voice, SMS text, or email. 15-20% of JDKatz’s clients are elderly clients who do not have email. Many do have cell phones and appreciate a text or voice reminder.

Easy to Use

Apptoto is easy to use and the system is intuitive. JDKatz integrated Apptoto with Google Calendar in less than 15 minutes.

Customizable Reminder Scheduling

For JDKatz, text messaging has been most effective to reduce late and no-show appointments. The team has multiple reminders scheduled. The last reminder is sent 30 minutes before the appointment and contains parking directions on a link to their website.

Seamless Integration

Apptoto schedules reminders for multiple calendars to serve multiple staff members and all clients.

“Originally, we didn’t think we could afford a reminder service, but our overall Apptoto experience has shown us that we can’t afford not to have it.”
Jeffrey Katz, Managing Partner at JDKatz, P.C.


Jeffrey Katz summarized the value Apptoto has in amplifying how their law firm demonstrates client service saying, “The solution hit it out of the park – our clients perceive our firm as accessible, committed, showing genuine concern for their well being, and respect for their time.”

Reminders serve as a concrete way to demonstrate these values. Clients know that the staff is concerned about them, but that the automated call or text is not being billed to them, so they appreciate it more. We message that we are on top of their file. And It happens every time, so it communicates another JDKatz value—consistency. It sends the message: We care.”