Belmont Services Cuts Tax Preparation Appointment No-Shows 84%

Tax preparation specialist and customer discussing paperwork

About Belmont Services LLC

Belmont Services LLC is a tax preparation service located in Columbus, OH. The business serves both English- and Spanish-speaking clients. Owner Jorge Beltran and family believe that their company’s success hinges on their customer care. Since Belmont and their clients have to schedule tax preparation appointments within a four month period, neither can afford a no-show during tax time. Their solution? Sending automated tax appointment reminders and messages using Apptoto.


Family-owned Belmont Services LLC will assist over 500 clients with tax preparation in the four months before the individual filing deadline. However, when clients miss their tax appointments, the impact on Belmont is significant and twofold. Initially, Belmont loses time and money from the missed appointments. Moreover, given Belmont’s packed schedule during tax season, if a client misses an appointment, they may be unable to reschedule. Eventually, this may mean a lost client, not just a missed appointment.

Before Apptoto, Belmont called each customer days before the appointment, then called again if they reached an answering machine or had not received a response. Despite their efforts, Belmont still saw a 35-38% no-show rate. Jorge refused to give up. He searched for a year for a customizable automated appointment reminder service compatible with Google Calendar. He wanted a service that offered pre-recorded messages in Spanish and English and had flexible billing options—allowing him to scale messages during the busy tax season but reduce costs during off-peak times. 

Jorge chose Apptoto.


Flexible Enough to Serve all Clients

Apptoto sends reminders by voice, SMS text, or email. Jorge sends automated tax appointment reminders in both Spanish and English. Additionally, Apptoto lets Jorge create different messaging sequences so he can send specific messages to specific clients.

Easy to Use

Apptoto automatically extracts client and appointment information stored in Google Calendar. Jorge had no trouble getting started sending reminders after integrating his Google Calendar and address book.

Customizable Scheduling

New clients receive additional introductory information in their reminders. Jorge schedules a reminder call, email, or SMS text two days before the appointment followed by a final email or SMS text reminder two hours prior to the appointment.

Seamless Integration

Apptoto automates customized reminders for all of Belmont’s calendars and clients. Integrating Apptoto into Belmont’s workflow was easy.

“My clients thank me for reminding them about their appointments. Apptoto is an essential tool that we can’t live without. It pays for itself. ”


Reduction in No-Shows


Fewer Missed Appointments


Hours Saved


Thanks to Apptoto, Jorge has achieved his goal. No-shows at Belmont are down from 38% to 6% with Apptoto.

After 7 years using Apptoto, Jorge says there is no going back. Apptoto saves Belmont time and money.

As important, Apptoto’s tax appointment reminders strengthen the business’s client relationships by providing a personal touch that is the hallmark of the Beltran family. With Apptoto, Belmont conveys how much they value their customers without an expensive infrastructure investment.

Person signs tax preparation documents after appointmentGet Clients to Show up to Appointments, Every Time

Eliminate no-shows and boost customer satisfaction with intuitive online booking and automated, appointment reminders for your tax business.