Case Study: Wayne Metro Community Action Agency

Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency Logo

When we profile businesses that use Apptoto, we tend to focus on the most common: healthcare clinics, dental offices, and lawyers. But these aren’t the only kinds of organizations needing help managing their schedules and keeping their constituents updated.

We discovered Wayne Metro Community Action Agency and the amazing work that they’re doing to help those in Wayne County, Michigan. By connecting citizens with community programs and assistance, they change lives every day.

Of course, that’s only if those who need the assistance show up for their scheduled appointments with Wayne Metro staff.

We spoke with Jeremy Biddle at Wayne Metro to learn that they’re using Apptoto as a tool to keep them organized so they can focus on the important work of impacting and bettering lives.

Knowing that Apptoto has helped them in their mission is inspiring, and we’re happy to share their story.

Can you briefly describe your business?

wayne metropolitan community action agency logo

Founded in 1971, Wayne Metro Community Action Agency provides essential services, diversified programming, and community resources to low- and moderate-income individuals and families throughout all Wayne County.

The concept of Community Action was initially pioneered in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy through a new initiative that brought together local officials, service providers, and neighbors to address juvenile delinquency in the United States. Building on the success of JFK’s program, activists began recruiting people from all community sectors to plan and implement programs to help people grow out of a life of poverty.

The core principle behind these projects is focused on entire communities working together to improve conditions for the disenfranchised.

What were some common challenges your organization used to face that have been reduced or eliminated by Apptoto?

  • Extremely high no-show rates of our clients attending scheduled appointments for assistance.
  • High rate of rescheduled appointments due to lack of proper documentation required at the appointment by the client.

How easy was it to implement and get going? Any features you enjoy most?

Apptoto has been extremely easy to use and set up. The service provided when we signed up to help set up our account, as well as design and program our first few text messages, was a great help to get us off and running successfully.

Do you use both the reminder feature and the online booking feature?

We only use the reminder features.

Overall, how has Apptoto helped your business?

Apptoto has reduced our no-show rate by almost 50 percent and increased our successful appointment rate by almost 50 percent.

Clients are more prepared when attending the appointments. We include links to our webpage and the option to press 1 to contact our call center to assist them prior to their arrival.

What is your customer feedback like with Apptoto?

Our clients love that they get the text reminders and the robo calls!

Any advice for others in your field who may be considering reminder software?

This has been an important, low-cost, effective way for us to maintain our low administrative rate. It has allowed us to serve more clients who are in need of our help in a more timely manner.

For our team, it’s great to know that we can serve such a critical role in helping those in need get access to the right help and services.


We’re thrilled the Apptoto platform has helped improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Wayne Metro. But it’s even more rewarding to see Wayne Metro help even more citizens navigate the process more confidently. It’s helped them understand what steps they need to take and stay on track to get the help they need.

At the end of the day, increasing Wayne Metro’s productivity and efficiency isn’t about profit or business growth. It’s about changing lives. Every hour saved is an extra hour that Wayne Metro’s team can spend connecting citizens with critical services and helping them move their lives forward.