Patient Appointment Reminders Help Broomfield Family Practice Reduce No-Shows 42%

About Broomfield Family Practice

Broomfield Family Practice, is an independent family practice that takes care of patients from birth to end of life, located in Broomfield, CO. Broomfield Family Practice provides personal medical care to individuals and families of all ages. Committed to excellent customer service and patient care, they know missed appointments hurt their practice and their patients. Broomfield Family Practice turned to Apptoto to reduce the time and cost of sending patient appointment reminders.


Independently owned Broomfield Family Practice sees approximately 140 patients a day. Missed appointments hurt their medical practice and their patients.

It’s not just the time and money lost with no-shows that troubles the staff. Missed appointments delay patient treatment and add inconvenience for their patients, too.

Office staff were calling each patient days before the appointment to prevent no-shows. At a cost of roughly 5 hours of staff time per day, they were still seeing 95 missed appointments per month.

Broomfield Family Practice sought to prevent no-shows and increase office efficiency. A tip from a practitioner’s dentist led Broomfield Family Practice to try Apptoto automated appointment reminder software. A brief demo revealed Apptoto’s ease of use and low cost.

So, why are no-shows down 42% at Broomfield Family Practice?

They chose Apptoto.


Flexibile Enough to Serve all Clients

Apptoto sends reminders by voice, SMS text, or email, and can be customized to send at various intervals leading up to an appointment. Patients are delighted with the convenience of the voice mail and SMS text messages they receive from Broomfield Family Practice.

HIPAA Compliant

Apptoto software is HIPAA compliant. Broomfield Family Practice integrates Apptoto with their scheduling calendar knowing their patients’ privacy is protected according to the law.

Customizable Scheduling

Broomfield Family Practice automatically reminds their patients about their upcoming appointment with two calls and an SMS text.

Seamless Integration

Apptoto integrates with Broomfield’s NextGen EHR appointment scheduling software. Apptoto’s CSV file import feature uploads Contacts and Appointments with the click of a button.

“Our patients like it. Our practitioners like it. Apptoto is an essential tool. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

-Traci Humphreys, Practice Manager at Broomfield Family Practice


Thanks to Apptoto, Broomfield Family Practice’s Practice Manager, Traci Humphreys, has seen missed appointments decrease by 42% over the first three months of use. That 40 fewer missed appointments!

Apptoto saves Broomfield Family Practice time and money. Their staff gained 25 hours a week back they once spent sending patient appointment reminders. In turn, they also reduced their no-shows.

By using automated appointment reminders, Broomfield Family Practice put their practice and their patients first.