Book more appointments with your existing clients

It can cost 25x more to acquire a new client versus keeping the ones you’ve got. Get ahead of generic marketing with targeted campaigns, connected straight to your calendar.

Apptoto campaigns for your existing clients
Customized campaigns from your address book & calendar

Customized campaigns from your address book & calendar

63% of consumers stop purchasing products and services from companies who provide poorly executed personalization. Use Apptoto Campaigns to make your clients feel like friends. Target specific client segments with customized messaging and frequency for scheduling of annual reviews, recall requests or season appointments.

Quickly promote specials

Specials are a great way to stay top-of-mind and differentiate from your competitors, but they can take valuable time to promote. With Apptoto Campaigns, you can quickly create and send promotions that encourage your clients to schedule time using an Apptoto scheduling page.

Quickly promote specials from your business
Keep your clients informed

Keep your clients informed

Unexpected change in your schedule? Road closure? Quickly send out a message to all of your appointments to keep them up-to-date.

Multiple addresses/locations

Set up multiple office locations to then be automatically used in your reminders based on keywords found in the event (e.g. Downtown).

Multiple locations

Client opt-in/opt-out

You can manage your reminder and marketing opt-in and opt-out lists from inside of Apptoto, allowing you stay compliant with TCPA, CAN-SPAM Act, and Canada's Anti-Spam laws.

Client opt out

Campaign reporting

Visual digest for your account data, as well as daily report emails to keep you updated on appointment statuses and client responses.

campaign reporting

Rule-based messaging

Each message can be configured to only be sent if certain conditions are met. For example you can create a rule that sends a specific message to an appointment with the word "initial consultation" in the title.

rule-based messaging

Automatic initial/booking messages

When a client books an appointment online (or when you add an appointment to your calendar), you can trigger custom messages to send automatically to the client.

automatic initial booking messages

Automatic reminder messages

Automate appointment reminder messages and confirmation requests. Typically these are sent within 3 days of the scheduled appointment. Customize content and timing of these reminder messages.

automatic reminder messages

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