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Apptoto Campaigns Help Streamline Covid-19 Vaccination Scheduling

For many adults in this country and around the world, the process of signing up and scheduling our COVID-19 vaccination appointments has been challenging, to say the least! We have experienced slow or broken online scheduling pages. Or worse, we’ve spent time using scheduling software that just doesn’t work. Screen refresh fatigue is real and time-consuming! There have been long wait times on hold over the phone, or excessive redials just to get through to a scheduler. Not to mention the lack of communication about when one can schedule or unclear information about the process in general. These are just some of the frustrations many of us have experienced recently while trying to acquire the vaccine. If you are a retail pharmacy or organization running a vaccination program, you’ve also felt the pain on the other side of things! Many patients schedule numerous appointments to ensure that they and their loved ones are protected. This not only clogs the system so that others are not able to sign up for appointments but also leads to numerous no-shows and unprepared or unqualified patients who do arrive. So how can retail pharmacies […]

How to Use Apptoto Campaigns for Covid-19 Vaccination Scheduling

Managing the complexities of scheduling COVID-19 vaccines according to the CDC’s precise guidelines is no easy feat. But Carvajal Pharmacy in San Antonio, Texas, is one of Apptoto’s clients using our Campaigns and Scheduling products to create a streamlined appointment-scheduling system for COVID-19 vaccinations. By eliminating time spent manually reaching out to patients to schedule appointments, they’ve maximized their efficiency and productivity in administering COVID-19 vaccines. Carvajal Pharmacy uses its own intake form to accept patient sign-ups. The intake form qualifies patients per their specifications. In this instance, it was based on the age categories set by vaccine officials. Once the patient completes the form, the system then adds them to an Apptoto Address Book via Apptoto’s API. An Apptoto Campaign monitors the address book. Whenever a new patient is added, Apptoto sends them a message asking them to book their first vaccination appointment. Once the first vaccination appointment takes place, a second Apptoto Campaign monitors the vaccination calendar. Apptoto then sends messages to patients 18 days after their first vaccination (according to vaccination guidelines) asking them to book their second appointment. Here is a quick diagram explaining how it […]