Law Firm Calendaring and Reminder Software

Missed meetings and court dates can cost you and your client in more ways that one.

With fully customizable email reminders, voice reminders, and automated text services from Apptoto’s law firm calendaring software, you can do more to ensure that your clients arrive on time and prepared for their scheduled appointments.

We didn't think we could afford a reminder service, but our overall Apptoto experience has shown us that we can't afford not to have it.

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  • Supports multiple users, meeting types, locations, and Clio calendar integrations
  • Customizes reminders to effectively communicate with unique clients
  • Encourages customers to book online with legal calendaring software
  • Reminds clients of their appointments and when to schedule next

Legal Calendaring Software

Apptoto is an efficient way of calendaring legal dates by integrating with your existing law-office calendar software. With everything in one place, managing important legal and personal deadlines is easier and more streamlined with automated, fully-customizable client-appointment reminders. You can even create automatic updates which help keep your team and clients in front of the ball and ready for what comes next with our fully integratable law-firm calendar software.

Clio Appointment Reminders & Calendar Integrations

Apptoto’s calendaring software for law firms is fully integratable with Clio’ s comprehensive legal-practice management software. Your Apptoto and Clio programs provide complementary services capable of organizing each individual’s everyday workflow, as well as their in-office appointments, court dates, client calls, and more. It’s an efficient, easy-to-use way to manage every aspect of your firm’s operations, which means your support staff can spend more time assisting with immediate tasks and less time scheduling, rescheduling, and handling client reminders.

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Apptoto’s legal-calendar software is the ideal solution for any modern law firm or legal practice looking for an efficient way to reduce missed clients appointments, including no-shows to court, meetings, and more. With helpful emails, voice calls, and text reminders with simple cancellation options, you can mitigate missed opportunities and increase overall productivity and efficiency. Even more, it’s free to get started.

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