The 5 Best Apps for Small Business Owners

five best apps for small business owners

With at-your-fingertips access to everything from shopping to medical services, the modern business landscape is all about efficiency and customer service. Whether you’re selling artisanal soaps or architectural design, you need the right mix of software and easy-to-use apps to keep pace with your competition and provide optimal experiences to your clients. The good news is that many of these services are so multifaceted that you can use one service to handle a variety of tasks. For instance, good accounting software can help you manage your budget and pay your employees, while an appointment management system can also provide automated appointment reminders to your staff and clients.

To help you choose the right digital blend for your needs, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best apps for small businesses. Here is a list of essential apps and software your small business should consider implementing to thrive in this on-demand era of service and performance.

Appointment Scheduling App

Managing the calendar for a busy business can be a full-time job all on its own, but not all businesses can afford to hire a person just to keep track of appointments—nor would you want to. A solution like Apptoto frees employees’ time to focus on the tasks that help grow the business. These apps can handle everything from scheduling appointments to providing convenient appointment reminders with easy confirmation and opt-out options that help mitigate missed meetings. Appointment reminder apps may also be customized to send tailored messages that include helpful details, such as date, time, and location, as well as essential items to bring for a successful meeting.

Apptoto online scheduling page with 4 appointment types

Communication and Screen Sharing

Small business communication is an ever-evolving field due to the rapid changes in how people expect to receive information and interact with professionals and service providers. It takes more than a multi-line phone system to keep up with the modern customer. When it comes to video conferencing, Skype has become a standard among businesses and individuals, which means your clients and partners are probably comfortable using it. When it comes to keeping in touch, appointment confirmations and text reminder services for businesses are growing trends that can help you stay in the race as the face of communication continues to evolve in the business world.

Informal Communication

Not every interaction requires a formal meeting, which is why a simple, informal means of communication can save time and open up avenues for the easy exchange of information. Many businesses take advantage of programs like Slack to open the lines of communication for their teams. They’re a great way to get a quick answer from a coworker while leaving a digital record that can be referred to again in the future. Some businesses even invite clients, vendors, and other partners to join these platforms as a way to stay in touch without so many phone calls or lengthy emails.

Time/ Project Management

Managing workflow and projects is another task that can be taken for granted in the workplace. Sure, you hire people with the skills and experience to wrangle their projects in the day-to-day, but time and project management tools, such as Asana, can help a great employee become even more efficient with their time. These apps and software break down large projects into smaller tasks with individual deadlines to make them easier to manage. They can also make your whole business more efficient as they keep track of how long each task takes so that you can design your pricing accordingly.


Even professional accountants utilize some form of software to manage the numbers, and because small business owners often can’t afford to hire a full-time accountant, software like Quickbooks can be a real game changer. Comprehensive accounting tools can track everything from profits and losses to payroll and taxes. Even if you hire an accountant for end-of-year taxes or other services, having a well-kept record of all your business funds and expenses will save you time and help your accountant provide better service.

CPAs Text Messages to Schedule Clients

Help Your Business Thrive

From communications and calendars to project management and accounting, choosing the right apps and software for your business can take your operations to the next level of performance and efficiency. Many services, such as Apptoto, offer a free trial, so you can get a feel for the layout and make sure it’s the best choice for you.

Apptoto can manage your calendars and scheduling, provide automated appointment confirmations, and even improve your bottom line by mitigating the costly outcome of missed appointments. Contact us today to learn more.