Apptoto for the Pet Services Industry

Whether you go to your patients or they come to you, you can make sure their owners remember and are prepared for their appointments with fully customizable email, voice reminders, and automated text services from Apptoto’s scheduling pet-care systems and pet reminder app.

Apptoto allows me to spend time doing my work instead of making phone calls. Plus, it has reduced no-shows to 0. When I use Apptoto reminders for all appointments, I never, ever, have a no-show. Now that's a time saver!
Jennifer Frese
Positive Tails Dog Training
  • Supports multiple users, calendars, locations, and appointment types
  • Customizes reminders to effectively communicate with unique clients
  • Encourages customers to book online with pet appointment scheduling software
  • Reminds clients of their appointments and when to schedule next

Apptoto for the Pet-Care Industry

Help reduce instances of missed appointments, late cancellations, and more with our friendly, fully customizable veterinary reminder system and scheduling tools. Clients are able to book online at their own convenience, which helps them choose wisely and makes them feel more in control. You can also provide easy cancellation options which encourage clients to provide adequate notice, leaving your support staff with more time to refill vacated slots and avoid missed opportunities to help more patients every day.

Helping Your Patients & Their People

Pet appointments can be very stressful for an animal, and even more so for a worried pet owner concerned about their beloved friend’s health and wellbeing. By providing friendly appointment reminders, you can help put your human clients at ease by reminding them of their scheduled time and what to bring, such as pet-insurance information, health records, and other materials that can help them feel prepared and help your veterinarians provide the best care possible in a timely and professional manner.

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Your solution to scheduling woes, missed appointments, and late cancellations is available today from Apptoto. It’s a convenient and efficient way to help your clients plan ahead and feel prepared for their vet appointments, while also allowing your support staff to spend less time managing calendars and more time helping patients and pet owners have a positive experience in your office. Best of all, it’s free to get started.

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