Appointment Reminder & Scheduling App for Counselors and Therapists

Give your patients the stress-free scheduling and reminder services they need for an easy-to-manage experience with Apptoto’s therapy scheduling software and appointment reminders.

You can help ensure that your patients are prepared to arrive to their therapy appointments on time thanks to our fully customizable email, voice reminders, and automated text service.

Apptoto has cut down our admin time (who were performing reminders manually) and it has radically cut down our no-shows. Thanks again.
Hugh McCullum
Dr. Lissa Johnson & Associates
  • HIPAA compliance available
  • Supports multiple users, calendars, and appointment types
  • Reminds patients of appointments and when to schedule next
  • Easy scheduling, secure online booking and calendar access

HIPAA-Compliant Appointment Reminder Software

Apptoto’s therapy appointment scheduling software is available in a HIPAA-compliant format which protects your patients’ information and privacy, as well as your business, by meeting the privacy standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Visit our HIPAA page to learn more about this important option available as part of our scheduling software for therapists.

Simple, Fully Integratable

Apptoto simplifies the process for you and your patients by integrating with all your calendars, allowing online booking, and sending customized reminders which help your patients plan ahead for their counseling and therapy appointments. You can spend more time helping others and less time balancing the details with our simple, fully integratable counselor scheduling software and appointment reminder software.

Empower Your Clients with Counseling Scheduling Software

Your professional services can make a huge difference in your patients’ lives, especially when they are encouraged to own their scheduling, confirmations, and cancellations based on their personal needs and availability. By allowing individuals the opportunity to set their own therapy appointments and cancel or confirm as needed, you can help ensure that patients are prepared for their appointments. You can even avoid last-minute or same-day cancellations which can harm your business and put unnecessary stress on your patients with custom-made reminders and easy cancellation options courtesy of our HIPAA-compliant scheduling software.

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