What's Included:

For each of your Mathnasium locations:
  • 2 Online Booking Pages
  • 2 Connected Calendars
  • 100 Appointment Messaging Credits
  • 1 Reserved Caller id

Why should you sign up?

Apptoto will be powering online scheduling for new leads on the upcoming mathnasium.com website and microsites. Then, to make sure those leads show up, Apptoto will send reminders via SMS/text and email. Apptoto clients have seen their no-shows rate reduced by as much as 90%.

What are the steps?

Simply sign up using the "Sign up up with Google" button and confirm that the calendar you use to schedule lead appointments is connected to your Apptoto account.

Can I use Apptoto to send reminders/followups to all of our appointments?

Yes, Apptoto has the ability to send reminders and follow-up messages to ALL of your appointments (including both assessments and sessions) regardless of how they are scheduled. You simply have to connect all of your calendars to Apptoto and turn on Auto Messages.

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