apptoto tm is a fully automated
Appointment Reminder Service
for your business!

  • We specialize in Appointment Reminders
  • Automatically confirm bookings, remind clients, and follow-up
  • Our system is Guaranteed to reduce No-Shows
  • Clients hear your voice, and see your caller id
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  • Calendar Support

    Google Calendar™
  • Email, SMS, and Voice Reminders

    support Easily automate your email, voice, and SMS reminders, booking invitations, and follow-up messages today!

  • Personalized Reminders

    Keylock Clients hear your voice when they are reminded of their appointments!


Apptoto allows me to spend time doing my work instead of making phone calls. Plus, it has reduced no-shows to 0. When I use Apptoto reminders for all appointments, I never, ever, have a no-show. Now that's a time saver!
Jennifer Frese , Positive Tails Dog Training