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How Online Appointment Scheduling & Legal Calendaring Software are Changing Business for the Better

When it comes to scheduling appointments, managing calendars, and coordinating clients, the thought of a change in software can send even the most seasoned office managers and admins into a bit of a tailspin. We get it. Adjusting takes time and often comes with a bit of a learning curve that can be hard to accept at first. There’s the initial training to get staff up to speed, the inevitable “uh-oh” moments, and the process of educating clients, as well. It can seem like a lot to take on, but don’t let that fear of change stand between your business and an easier, more profitable future.

Apptoto for Legal Services

The woes of implementing new systems might seem like enough of a reason to avoid new appointment-scheduling software and automated-reminder apps, but the true cost of using human-powered labor and inefficient processes add up in a hurry. The initial growing pains pale in comparison to the resource-saving benefits that come with switching to a more practical, cost-effective system like Apptoto.

Apptoto’s legal calendaring software saves time and frees-up resources with our reminder software’s essential services and benefits, such as:

  • Self-scheduling software allows clients to make smarter booking choices
  • Friendly, customizable appointment reminders help clients arrive ready and on time
  • No-hassle cancellation options mean fewer no-shows and fewer missed opportunities
  • Adequate notice for cancellations allows more time to refill vacated appointment slots
  • Easy Clio Calendar Integration means you can keep your trusted software

With Apptoto’s legal calendar software, you can provide your team and your clients with a smoother scheduling experience, all while mitigating the losses caused by avoidable mistakes.

Smarter Scheduling & Custom Reminders

When a client misses a meeting, it can have a ripple effect on the entire outcome of their case; when a client misses a court date, those ripples can turn to tidal waves in an instant. Calendaring legal dates with easy online booking from Apptoto allows clients to thoughtfully schedule their appointments instead of feeling rushed to pick a date over the phone or while in line at your office, which can help them choose a time slot that’s more likely to work for them the day of.

Plus, with easy legal appointment text reminders, emails, and voice calls, you can confirm those appointments ahead of time to reduce the chances of a late arrival or no-show. You can even customize your message template to remind them where the meeting is and what they need to bring.

Don’t Let Cancellations Cost You or Your Clients

Including easy cancellation options in your reminders not only allows you to refill empty appointment times, it also creates the opportunity for your team to reach out to clients who may need guidance in order to advocate for themselves during the legal process. Let’s be honest, most lawyers find the legal process a challenge to say the least, so it’s understandable when a client gets cold feet and tries to avoid stress by skipping appointments.

By knowing ahead of time that a client plans to cancel, you can reach out and remind them of the necessity of the meeting, or just offer reassurance that you’re representing their best interests. Apptoto not only helps manage your calendar, it also helps you foster better relationships with your clients and staff.

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