Apptoto Reseller Program


Become an Apptoto Reseller

Help connect business and their clients to the time and money-saving services they need to manage scheduling, calendars, and appointment reminders with ease by becoming a registered Reseller for Apptoto today!

Resellers are third-party sales professionals who refer and sign-up new clients to Apptoto’s subscription-based services. These services are designed to support a variety of business needs, with fully customizable messaging templates for voice, email, and text reminders, as well as easy scheduling software for businesses. Check out our helpful Q&A section for fast facts on the responsibilities and perks of this role.

Apptoto Reseller Q&A

Does it cost money to be an Apptoto Reseller?

Nope! Not only is there no cost, Resellers also receive a free Apptoto account plus commission on each subscription sold.

How much does an Apptoto Reseller Earn? What’s the commission?

Resellers receive 25% commission for every client they get to subscribe to Apptoto. This is recurring every month for as long as their client remains subscribed to the service!

How does Apptoto keep track of my sales?

Once a Reseller is registered, they will receive a link they can send to their clients for easy sign up. This link, which is unique to each registered Reseller, ensures that the Reseller receives credit for the clients they refer to Apptoto.

Aside from sales, what is expected of me as an Apptoto Reseller?

Resellers are expected to provide high-quality service to Apptoto customers. This includes providing all necessary information about our product to clients and giving technical support to their customers.

Why Apptoto?

Appointment-booking apps, automated appointment reminders, and text reminders have become an essential part of operations for a variety of businesses, such as law offices, medical providers, counselors, salons, spas, vets, realtors, and more. Not only do these helpful, cost-effective scheduling apps and tools help reduce missed appointments, no-shows, and late cancellations for an array of service providers, they also provide clients a stress-free scheduling experience and help them remember appointments they may have scheduled months in advance. It’s no wonder so many industries are turning to appointment scheduling software like Apptoto!

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a registered reseller for Apptoto.