tracking time

Did you know that Apptoto Reminders can be used for time tracking of employees or clients? This is just another innovative way we have seen Apptoto being customized to fit some of our customers’ needs!

We have several users who require a timestamp mechanism to document when one of their employees arrives or leaves a job and they have accomplished this by using Apptoto’s Auto Replies feature. The ease of use for the employees is huge, as a separate system isn’t required; all they have to do is respond to a simple text message.

Read on for instructions and screenshots that can have your Apptoto account set up to send your reminders in the exact way you need in no time at all.

Send an SMS message to employees asking them to “time stamp” arrival and departure

In the example below, a company needs to dispatch translators and interpreters to different jobs throughout the day and wants to track when they arrive at the site and when they leave. The original reminder tells the employee where the job is, what time it is set to start, and to reply ‘A’ when they arrive.

Once the employee replies ‘A’ to the message, the Apptoto auto reply is triggered to then ask them to reply ‘L’ when they leave that job. Apptoto will track the timing of these messages as they are received, as you can see in the screenshot example below.  This ensures that you have an accurate time record of your employees hours.

How To:

To set this type of workflow up in Apptoto, click on the “Auto Messages” tab and edit the SMS message that is the sent the day before using this template:

Hi {{ }}, this is a reminder for your Spanish interpretation appointment {{event.day_and_time_phrase}}.  Please reply 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel.  When you arrive, reply 'A' to this message.

To set up the Auto Replies, click on “Show Auto Replies” and then add two “actions”.  One for when they first reply “A” and another for when they reply “L”.   Here is a screenshot:

This example illustrates yet another creative way Apptoto can be customized to work for you and your company’s needs!  This “time tracking” set up could be used for arrival and departure times of employees, technicians, consultants, etc. for many service oriented organizations.  If you would like to find out more about making Apptoto work for you, tricks like this can be found in our manual located here.  Don’t see your timing requirement highlighted here? Let us know and we would be happy to brainstorm a solution to make sure Apptoto is working for your business and your workflow.  Feel free to chat with our support team for assistance with setting up these types of messages or anything else you might need help with!