end appointment stress with automated text reminders

How Texting Makes Appointment Confirmations Easier & More Efficient

You know that feeling you get when you realize you’ve missed an appointment? You see all the time that went into scheduling and then waiting for the day to arrive only to find yourself anywhere other than the place you’re scheduled to be.

It’s a rough one, and it causes real stress and anxiety that can negatively impact your mental health and your productivity. Meanwhile, the person on the other end of the missed appointment is left waiting without knowing if the other party is only running late or not arriving at all. This creates missed opportunities to see other patients and clients, while also wasting time and resources.

While there’s no cure for simple forgetfulness, there is a way for service-based businesses, including doctor’s offices, clinics, and others to mitigate misses appointments and help alleviate stress for clients and patients.

Where once the reminder phone call seemed to be the most efficient way to confirm appointments with clients, the rush of modern living and the rise of the smartphone have created a better, more efficient and practical way to send patient appointment confirmations via automated text messages.

A Closer Look at Capabilities

Here’s a simple, side-by-side comparison of how text message confirmations compare to phone calls and emails.


Service Feature








Confirms time, place, and appointment details.





Provides easy, “yes” or “no” reply option to confirm or cancel appointment.




Can be received and replied to in a matter of seconds.




Leaves written instructions client can refer back to.




Can be automated.





HIPAA Compliant options.





Accessible for those with auditory or speech impairment.




Does not require Internet connection or data plan.




Text Confirmations are Easier

While certain clients will happily respond to an email or make time for a phone call to confirm their appointment, many people prefer text communications because they require less time and focus to achieve the same outcome. For example, an individual receiving a text message asking them to reply “yes” to confirm an appointment or “no” to cancel can reply to that message in a matter of seconds.

On the other hand, a phone call requires the individual to stop what they’re doing, answer the phone, and receive the information verbally which requires them to make written note of it elsewhere, rather than having it already provided in written form. If the call is automated, the client must act quickly to be prepared to transfer the message details or have to listen to the recording multiple times to get everything written down — as is the case with voicemail, automated or otherwise.

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