eHealth and appointment reminder software

If you work in the healthcare field, you’re probably familiar with the rapid growth of interest in eHealth, or the use of information and communication technologies in health and medical services. The increased use of eHealth software, apps, and other tech has created a whole new culture around the ways practitioners, providers, and clients interact and exchange information. Services like automated appointment reminders with easy confirmation and opt-out options are improving the healthcare industry one message at a time by reducing the rate of no-shows and late cancellations while empowering patients and freeing up time for support staff.

Here’s a basic overview of what you need to know about the role of appointment reminders in the eHealth era.

What is eHealth

The term eHealth is a broad category covering all technologies used in record keeping, the exchange of information, and any applications or software used in the medical and healthcare fields. With such a broad definition, the term can apply to a vast array of tools and resources. Here are a few common items associated with eHealth:

Common Types of eHealth Tools

  • Digital records systems
  • eCommunications between providers and consumers
  • Patient portals and self-service apps
  • Automated messaging and appointment reminders
  • Digital health-educational resources
  • Online message boards, chat rooms, and social media
  • Personal health monitoring devices and apps

How eHealth Makes Business Better

Many providers and practitioners are finding new ways to improve communications with their clients by offering self-service portals and apps which allow patients to access their information on demand, without having to call into a busy office. The patient receives more immediate access to the information they seek and the office sees a reduced volume of calls which frees up their support staff to provide other essential services to in-office visitors.

Other popular trends in eHealth are automated appointment reminder emails, text messages, and voice calls. These services not only help your patients keep their appointments, they can also improve efficiency and workflow by mitigating missed appointments and creating opportunities for advanced notice if an appointment must be rescheduled. This allows the scheduling team to fill vacant appointment slots which means more people can receive the care they need.

Appointment Reminder Emails and Messages

The intent of eHealth services is to make health and healthcare easier and more efficient for consumers. Fortunately, what’s good for your patients can also be really great for your business. For example, text appointment reminders via messaging and email, as well as voice calls, not only provide better service to your clients, they also help you business flow and your bottom line.

Missed appointments can cost your business in more ways than one. Appointment reminders help reduce no-shows which not only cost your client the chance to receive the care they need, but also interrupt the workflow and use up resources which could be used to provide better service to patients in-office.

eHealth and HIPAA

Any reliable eHealth service will take into account the rules of HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, to ensure that your patients’ information is protected and that your business is in compliance. Apptoto, for example, offers HIPAA compliant appointment reminders. This is achieved with custom message templates which include only HIPAA approved details, such as a date and time, without disclosing any protected information.

Getting in on eHealth

Improving communications and information sharing in your medical or health-related business is simple and cost-efficient with easy-to-use tools, like Apptoto. The automated, templated messages included in Apptoto can be tailored to comply with HIPAA requirements, so you can protect your patients’ personal information while providing them a helpful service that also decreases no-shows and saves time and resources.

When you take advantage of the complementary trial period, you can test Apptoto for free to get a better idea of how this appointment management app and automated messaging service can serve your business.

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