Filters can be used to augment fields .

They are referenced inside of fields using the following format:

{{ field_name | FILTER }}

They can be chained together if needed.

{{ field_name | FILTER1 | FILTER2 }}

Some filters, accept parameters, in that case you can use the following syntax:

{{ field_name | FILTER: PARAMETER }}

For example, if you would like to give a 3 hour time window to your clients in the message based on the start time, then you could use the following as your template:

Your installer will be arriving between {{ event.start_time | time }} and {{ event.start_time | add_minutes: 180 | time }}

In the above example… the first field uses the time filter to change the event.start_time from something that looks like “2016-06-06 14:00:00 -0700” to “2:00 PM”. The second field uses the add_minutes filter to add 180 minutes to the start_time and then output the time, so in this case it would result in “5:00 PM”. So the result would be

Your installer will be arriving between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM

The liquid templating language comes with a set of filters out of the box ( .

Apptoto adds and enhances some of the filters.

Date Filters

Filter Description
date Apptoto enhances this filter by properly formatting the date based on your locale. So if you use the “%A” format for example, it will say “Sunday” if your locale is set to English, and “Domingo” if your locale is set to “Spanish”. The Locale is set on your “Account” tab. i.e. its “(localized)”.
date_full Date format filter that changes the date to say “Tuesday, October 15th” . (localized)
date_and_time_full Date format filter that changes the date to say “Tuesday, October 15th at 2:00pm “ . (localized)
date_phrase Date format filter that changes the date to say “6/21” . (localized)
date_with_year Date format filter that changes the date to say “6/21/1977” . (localized)
day_with_date Date format filter that changes the date to say “Wednesday the 30th July 2012”. (localized)
time Date format filter that changes the date to say “3:00pm” .
time_24 Date format filter that changes the date to say “15:00” .
day_and_time Date format filter. Results in “tomorrow at 8:00am” if the date is tomorrow or “on Saturday, November 23rd at 2:00pm” if the date is after that.
tomorrow Advances the date forward one day. e.g. {{event.start_time | tomorrow | date_full}} would result in “Wednesday, October 16th”.
yesterday Retreat the date backwards one day e.g. {{event.start_time | yesterday | date_full}} would result in “Monday, October 14th”.
beginning_of_week Finds the monday immediately before the date provided.
add_minutes Advances the time forward by N minutes. e.g. {{ event.start_time | add_minutes: 30 | date: "%l:%M %p"}} would result in “4:30 pm” if the start time of the appointment was at 4:00pm.
browser_time Shows the time to the user in the time zone of the browser. This is only available on the “Appointment Page”. e.g. {{ event.start_time | browser_time }} would result in showing the time to the client in their time zone.
browser_date_and_time Same as browser_time except it include the date.

String Filter

Filter Description
default Allows you to specify a default for a field. e.g. {{ | default: 'Haircut' }} would result in “Haircut” being used in the message if the event didn’t have the service specified. This is actually applicable for all types of data (not just strings), but is mostly used for strings.
everything_before Extracts everything before a character in a string. e.g. if you put “haircut – fred” in the titles and want Apptoto to include everything before the “-” in the message, then you could use:
{{ event.title | everything_before: "-" }}
everything_after Same as everything_before but includes everything after
say_digits Tells the text to speech engine to say individual digits, not whole numbers. E.g. {{ | say_digits }}
capitalize Capitalizes the string by making the first letter of the first word upper case
line_after Finds the line after a string. e.g. {{ event.content | line_after: 'Send To:' }}
lines_after Finds N lines after a string. e.g. {{ event.content | lines_after: 'Send To:', 2 }} would find the 2 lines after the line containing “Send To” in it.
play_mp3 Calls only. Plays whatever mp3 file you link to during the call. E.g. {{ '' | play_mp3 }}
pause Calls only. Pauses for X seconds. E.g. {{ '3' | pause }} will pause for 3 seconds
html_to_text Converts html to text.


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