clio and apptoto integrations

Apptoto sends Appointment Reminders to your Clio Contacts

On May 24th Clio announced that Apptoto is Clio’s integration of the week, and we were so excited about that. Apptoto sends Clio appointment reminders to your clients. 

Clio is a robust case management system used by law firms that offer you the ability to manage clients, documents, calendars, billing and much more.

Clio offers “lawyer centric calendaring software” that allows you to schedule appointments with internal staff and clients.  Clio also integrates with Office 365 and Google Calendar and has an advanced Court Deadline Calculator.

When it comes to reminding your clients of these critical deadlines and appointments, Apptoto takes care of all the heavy lifting.  Apptoto works seamlessly with Clio and sends automated SMS text reminders, email, and voice reminders to your clients on your custom schedule, with your custom messages.

When customizing these reminder messages that go out to your clients, not only are you reminding them of the appointment, but you can also remind them of the documentation they might need to bring, or what they should be prepared to discuss.

Not Just Appointment Reminders

Apptoto also offers the ability to create an appointment page that you can embed into your website, or share the link.  Apptoto booking pages allow your customers to book an appointment with you, based on your existing schedule.

We also offer sign up pages, so if you are hosting a webinar, seminar, or group event, you can invite your colleagues and clients, and ask them to sign up.  Curious on how to create a signup page? Check out our video walkthrough here.

Finally, our dynamic campaign feature extracts your contact information and can send SMS text and email campaigns that request that your clients make appointments.

Apptoto and Clio a Strong Partnership Benefiting You!

Apptoto has been servicing Clio customers for a little over a year, and we have close to 500 Clio calendars connected.  We understand the intricacies of your business and our software is built to work with your workflow seamlessly.

Being named the Clio integration of the week was so exciting because we love partnering with all of our Clio customers and being a part of their success.

Getting started with Apptoto is easy, we offer a risk-free 7-day trial, no credit card required, and we also offer a walk through with one of our experts to help you get started.

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