new apptoto feature

Streamline your workflow even more with these 5 new Apptoto Connect updates designed to make “Compose” even more powerful!


You can now create templates to re-use when sending one-time messages through the “Compose” button.  For example, you can create a template named “Ask to reschedule” which uses your common verbiage when asking clients to reschedule.  Templates can include dynamic fields, auto replies, and custom voice content and email content. Check them out on the “Settings” > “Message Templates” tab.

Compose Voice Messages

You can now send “Voice Messages” (both text based and MP3 based) through the “Compose” button on the Agenda and the Inbox tab.                                                                                                                        

Compose Auto Replies

When Composing messages you can also configure “auto replies” in case the user replies back to your message.   For example, if you send, “Hi, sorry, we need to reschedule, does the same time tomorrow work for you? Yes or no,”  you can then set up an auto reply to say, “Great, see you then,” if they reply “Yes” and you can set up a notification to be sent to a staff member in either case.


Schedule Composed Messages

Composed messages can now be scheduled to be sent at a later date.  This is often used to send custom messages at the beginning of the next day. 


Notifications Sent to Sender

When clients reply to messages that were composed by users other than yourself, Apptoto will now forward the reply to the user that composed it, instead of the main user.  This was our number one requested feature for Apptoto Connect, so we are happy to deliver it now! It should help streamline communication with your clients.

These new updates to the Apptoto Connect feature make it even more powerful and help you get the most from your Apptoto account!  If you would like help with any of these new updates or any of our features, as always, please contact us at