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Missed your appointment? That’ll be $50, please. No-shows and late arrivals are common problems for many healthcare service providers. They […]

Appointments can be a major struggle for any busy professional. Doctors, dentists, and accountants all demand time that breaks up […]

When we profile businesses that use Apptoto, we tend to focus on the most common: healthcare clinics, dental offices, and […]

Scott M is a world-renowned hairdresser and makeup artist. Throughout the years, he has worked with a host of celebrities, […]

Homewood Baseball and Softball Leagues (HBSL) brings the magic of baseball, t-ball, and softball to more than 900 kids in […]

When it comes to providing their children with an academic boost, there’s almost nothing parents won’t do. But students and […]

For lawyers and other legal professionals, time is expensive. Every minute spent doing anything other than billable legal work is […]