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Apptoto blog posts regarding the benefits of our reminder and scheduling services for your messaging needs.

When we profile businesses that use Apptoto, we tend to focus on the most common: healthcare clinics, dental offices, and […]

Now going on its 15th year as law, the 2003 CAN-SPAM act was originally signed by George W. Bush. As […]

On  July 1, 2014, a sweeping piece of legislation called Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) went into effect. After a three-year […]

When it comes to providing their children with an academic boost, there’s almost nothing parents won’t do. But students and […]

For lawyers and other legal professionals, time is expensive. Every minute spent doing anything other than billable legal work is […]

HIPAA compliance is always a topic that’s at the forefront of any healthcare provider’s mind. Even simple services or conveniences […]

Busy season. It’s here. Tax and accounting professionals know this term all too well. It’s the time of year that […]

Today we’re rolling out a new feature called “Booking Invitations”.  This is an enhancement to our existing “Booking” messages feature. […]

You can now control which messages are sent based on the content of the appointment. For example, if you want […]

Apptoto can now be used to automatically send messages to your clients when Appointments are first entered into your calendar […]