Easy-to-use Appointment Reminder Templates

UPDATE: We’ve enhanced this feature even more since we posted this based on feedback we received to improve appointment reminder templates.  You can now specify which calendar a template should be applied to as well as the keyword.  If you leave the keyword blank but select a specific calendar then all appointments on that calendar will use your template.

In May we launched a new feature called “Templates.”  This feature allows you to set up different types of appointment reminder templates.

We’ll walk through how to set up your appointment reminder templates below.

Setting Up Email & SMS Reminders

Let’s run through an example for a tax checkup appointment to show you how to easily set up email and SMS appointment reminders for your clients.

For example, if you want Apptoto to ask your clients to remember to bring in their tax information before their annual tax checkup appointment, then you can create a template named “Tax Checkup” that is used whenever the appointment contains [TAXCHECKUP] in it.

To get started with templates, simply log into your Apptoto account, click on the “Account” tab, and turn on “Use Templates”.

Once you’ve done that, the “Reminders” tab will be replaced with a “Templates” tab.  Under Templates you’ll find one “Default” template.  If you edit that template you’ll see that all of your existing Reminder settings are now part of the Default template.

appointment reminder templates

To create a new template, click “add”.  Then choose a name, e.g. “Tax Checkup”, and a keyword, e.g. “[TAXCHECKUP]”.

customize appointment reminder template

The keyword you choose is what you’ll need to put in your Appointment to trigger this template to be used.  After you’ve set up your Phone, SMS, and Email reminders for your new template, click “Save”.  Note that the “test” feature for each type of reminder requires you to save first before you test.

After you’ve created your template it will show up in the list of templates on the “Templates” tab.  If the Template is “Enabled” then reminders will be automatically scheduled for that template.  If the template isn’t enabled, then appointments with that keyword will NOT have appointments scheduled.

Now, if you create an appointment with the title “Test [TAXCHECKUP] 650-555-1212” on your Google Calendar.  For Example:

test your template

Then an automated appointment reminder will be created in Apptoto using the template you created.  For example:

scheduling appointment reminders

You can also select that template on other appointments if you forget to put [TAXCHECKUP] in it.  To do, simply click the “edit” icon (i.e. the pencil icon) for an existing appointment, and choose “Tax Checkup from the Template dropdown.

sms appointment reminder template

As always, let us know if you have any feedback on the new “Templates” feature.  We still consider it in Beta since it hasn’t been in production for more than a month… but the appointment reminder templates are already proving to be useful for many of our clients so we thought we should share it with everyone now.

Updated February 27, 2019