New CSV and XML Import Utility

We recently rolled out a new CSV and XML Import feature for both Appointments and Contacts.   This is helpful if Apptoto doesn’t directly integrate with your Scheduling or Contact Management System.

To import Appointments, click the “Import CSV/XML” button the “Calendars” tab.

To import Contacts, click the “Import Contacts” button on the “Contacts” tab.

Once you’ve done that, Apptoto will ask you to choose which file you want to import.  You can drag and drop the file from your desktop easily!


Apptoto can import any valid CSV file.  After you’ve chosen your file Apptoto will prompt you to map columns to fields in Apptoto.  It will guess the mappings for you.  It will also remember the settings you use for future imports.


You can tell Apptoto to update or delete existing Appointments and Contacts in case you want you to periodically update a new version of the CSV file and avoid duplicating appointments and contacts.

You can also choose to import the new items into an existing Calendar/Address Book, or a new one.

When the import is complete, Apptoto will show you what changes took place during the import.  It will also allow you to undo the import changes.

Note on XML formats: Apptoto can only import certain XML file formats.  Try uploading your XML file and if Apptoto doesn’t recognize it then it will tell you.  We’ll be adding support for new XML formats as users request them.  So after attempting the upload send us an email at and we will add support for it as soon as possible!