Translator working with a client

Case Study: Between Worlds Language & Transportation Services

When your business is communication, having the right software to coordinate — and communicate — with customers, clients, and service providers is hugely important.

Between Worlds Language and Transportation Services provides critical help for businesses that need to translate important legal, medical, and other business information for their customers and clients. They’ve implemented Apptoto as the primary way for scheduling, organizing, and tracking appointments for their service providers. It’s allowed them  to get a handle on their scheduling and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the services they provide.

In an interview with Director Giovanna Minotta, we discussed how Apptoto has allowed their business to improve operations, provide better customer service, and simplify their reporting process.

Can you briefly describe your business?

Between Worlds is a provider of professional linguistic services to businesses at large and transportation services to the work comp industry.

What were some common challenges your business used to face that have been reduced or eliminated by Apptoto?

Operations Tracking: We have been able to track more effectively every event occurrence through the text messaging feature for accurate and immediate reporting of assignment activity to our clients.

Responsiveness: The application reminders facilitate our vendors to respond at one click, which allows us to ensure the coverage of the assignments and take the necessary actions to solve any issues during their progress.

Simplified Reporting: We are able to generate a simplified report of each particular event that displays exact timing and details of communications interchanged with vendors regarding the progress of the assignments that we use when resolving a report’s dispute.

How did you discover and decide to use Apptoto? Was there something that set it apart?

We were giving the assignments to our vendors and tracking their progress manually, which was time-consuming, stressful, and not proactive. That made us decide to look for an application that would help us simplify and expedite our operations process through automatized communications at low cost.

After searching the web and comparing the features and pricing of different apps, we found Apptoto to be the most useful and convenient.

How easy was it to implement and get going? Any features you enjoy most?

The training was very productive, and the technical support is very responsive and effective, especially when we request assistance to adapt some features that contributed to increasing our productivity.

The Auto Replies feature has been the most useful tool to improve the communications with our vendors that guarantee the completion of assignments.

Do you use both the reminder feature and the online booking feature? How are they working out for you?

Yes. Both features are working as expected.

Overall, how has Apptoto helped your business?

We have been able to optimize the assignments’ scheduling and completion. 

What is your customer feedback like with Apptoto?

Since the app is only used with and by our vendors, the response has been very positive.

Any advice for others in your field that may be considering reminder software?

Apptoto is a great application for prompt scheduling, effective tracking of appointments completion, and communications when faster reporting is key to ensure productivity.


Whether it’s a workers’ compensation dispute, legal advice, or health care information, Between Worlds helps their clients communicate important information clearly and effectively.

Their clients rely on their services to deal with complicated and personal matters, and Apptoto has proved vital in keeping things running smoothly every single day.