Scheduling Apps That Can Save You Time

Scheduling Apps That Can Save You Time

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Appointment-Booking Apps* Staying on top of your business is getting easier every day thanks to time-saving apps and software like Apptoto. With a long list of features designed to streamline your daily operations, appointment booking apps can automate scheduling, send personalized reminders, and even offer easy auto-replies for confirmations, cancellations, and […]Read more

Tracking Time Using Text Reminders and Your Calendar

Did you know that Apptoto reminders can be used for time tracking of employees or clients? This is just another innovative way we have seen Apptoto being customized to fit some of our customers’ needs! We have several users who require a timestamp mechanism to document when one of their employees arrives or leaves a […]Read more

Is Online Scheduling the Key to Happy Clients

Is Online Scheduling the Key to Happy Clients?

Put Your Clients at Ease with Easy Online Scheduling As professionals, we’re always striving to perform at peak level for our clients. We stay up to date on innovations in our field, we attend lectures and conferences, and we do our best to create an ideal atmosphere for the service we’re providing. Whether it’s providing […]Read more