Doctor looking at his watch

No Show Fees: Is There a Better Way?

Missed your appointment? That’ll be $50, please. No-shows and late arrivals for appointments are common and frustrating problems for many medical clinics, therapists, veterinarians, and other service providers. They cause gaps in scheduling, reduce revenue, and create general disarray. So it’s not surprising that many offices have started to take steps to combat these issues. […]Read more

Accountant shaking a client's hand

Accountants: Survive (& Thrive) During the Busy Season

Busy season. It’s here. Tax and accounting professionals know this term all too well. It’s the time of year that can be full of stress, anxiety, and way, way too many cups of coffee. Accountants often share stories of working 87-hour weeks or gaining 20 pounds from all the stress over this few-month period. Unfortunately, […]Read more