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Getting the time right (dealing with multiple time zones)

It goes without saying that appointment reminders should say the right time or else you risk hurting your business as opposed to helping.  Sometimes getting the time right can actually be tricky.  This typically applies if you hold appointments with clients in multiple time zones. This blog post will outline the steps you should take if your business holds appointments with clients in different time zones. Step 1) Include the time zone in your messages The first step is to add the time zone to your messages.  This ensures that even if the time that is announced to your client is not in their time zone, they might notice the time zone is different and respond appropriately. You can do this by including the {{ event.time_zone }} field in your Apptoto messages.  We recommend you add the time zone immediately after the time in the body of the SMS and the call messages.  In Apptoto you can do this by clicking on the “Auto Messages” tab and then editing your SMS and call messages.  Here is how the message should look after you’ve added the time zone field. For automatic email […]

How-To: Schedule Appointment Reminders using Apptoto

There are multiple ways to schedule appointment reminders using Apptoto once you’ve connected your calendar. Approach #1) Manually Apptoto allows you to schedule reminders manually through the Apptoto appointments interface.  You can find it on the “Calendars” tab in Apptoto.  Also, if you enable our daily report email feature, you’ll find a link that takes you directly to tomorrow’s appointments in the email, making it easy to manage the reminders each day. Here is a screenshot of the new Apptoto appointment interface:  (Please note that the old interface is still available if you’re an existing user and prefer it over the new one) You can add participants to each appointment: And then choose which messages to send or schedule to be sent for the participants: When you click on a message type, it lets you add the message to the participant.  Here you can choose when the message should be sent and what it should say: When a message is scheduled to be sent, Apptoto will show the appointment in bold and tell you the number of messages scheduled: Apptoto also makes it easy to schedule (or unschedule) reminders for […]