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What is Apptoto?

Tyler Blair has been an account executive/support specialist with Apptoto for almost three years now.  Recently he was interviewed for a podcast on Maximum Lawyer’s website by Jim Hacking.  Tyler does a great job explaining Apptoto and the basics of how it works!  You can listen to the podcast here:  

Scheduling Apps That Can Save You Time

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Appointment-Booking Apps* Staying on top of your business is getting easier every day thanks to time-saving apps and software like Apptoto. With a long list of features designed to streamline your daily operations, appointment booking apps can automate scheduling, send personalized reminders, and even offer easy auto-replies for confirmations, cancellations, and other actions. There are lot of options available, so choosing the software and service that best meets your business need can be a challenge. To help you out, we’ve taken a look at some of our top competitors to see how Apptoto measures up, and we’re proud of the results. Take a moment to check out our at-a-glance comparison, then read on to see more highlights from our features and services menu. We’ve also listed some of our top integrations. We’re here to help your business run more smoothly, so we focus on providing the best options for your business, including an easy-to-use interface, custom integrations, and next-level customer support. And don’t forget to contact us directly to learn how Apptoto can create custom integrations for your software. Apptoto at a Glance To see how […]

The 5 Best Apps for Small Business Owners

With at-your-fingertips access to everything from shopping to medical services, the modern business landscape is all about efficiency and customer service. Whether you’re selling artisanal soaps or architectural design, you need the right mix of software and easy-to-use apps to keep pace with your competition and provide optimal experiences to your clients. The good news is that a lot of these services are so multifaceted, you can actually use one service to handle a variety of tasks. For instance, a good accounting software can help you manage your budget and pay your employees while a professional scheduling service can also provide automated appointment reminders to your staff and clients. To help you choose the right digital blend for your needs, we’ve put together this quick list of services to consider. Here are the top five essential apps and software your small business should consider to be organized and thrive in this on-demand era of service and performance. Appointment Scheduling App Managing the calendar for a busy business can be a full-time job all on its own, but not all businesses can afford to hire a person just to keep track […]

3 Ways Proper Scheduling Can Help You Nail Your Sales Pitch

Picture this: Your ideal sales scenario. Think about the time you need to prepare, the optimal setting, and the model client. Are you seeing it? The friendly banter, the clever pitch, the handshake that seals the deal? While it may be more fun to focus on the presentation and pageantry, don’t forget to think about what it takes to schedule such a flawless meeting. You want to make sure the date, time, and place work for both you and your client. Once the meeting is set, it’s a good idea to provide a follow-up appointment reminder and maybe some helpful details about the meeting. This is where a great client scheduling software can save the day and help you deliver the perfect sales pitch. Here are three ways that appointment managements apps can help create your ideal sales scenario. 1. It Demonstrates Professionalism When it comes time to present your pitch and nail your sale, you want a captive audience that’s ready to listen and in the mood to say yes, so creating a positive experience right out of the gate can add immense value to the exchange before you […]

Customized Appointment Reminder Timing Options

When setting up your Apptoto account, you may ask yourself – how will Apptoto fit my unique workflow? In most cases, the default reminder templates provided by Apptoto will be all you need to get started. These basic reminder templates are built to alert a client to the start time of their appointment as it is shown on the calendar.  However, timing can often be more complex than that. For example, you might have clients who need to come to their appointments early to fill out paperwork or get settled.  Or, if you are in the service industry, you may want to provide an arrival window to your clients, as opposed to a specific time.  These are just two of the specialized timing reminders that Apptoto can send for you!  Apptoto utilizes the Liquid Templating language to allow you to customize the messages that are sent. Read on for instructions to help you set up your Apptoto account to send your reminders in the exact way you need for your clients in no time at all! What if you need your client to arrive early for an appointment? With a […]

How Text-Based Appointment Reminders & Confirmations are Changing Business for the Better

Want to know the one thing less convenient than making time to leave a detailed appointment-reminder voicemail? The answer is taking time out of your busy day to listen to that voicemail while scrambling for a pen or a note-taking app, then listening to it again to make sure your wrote down the details correctly, then confirming those details in your calendar, and then calling back to confirm or cancel said appointment. It’s a lot of touch points and a lot of unnecessary back and forth. But that’s just how it’s done, right? Wrong. At the risk of sounding like a light-night infomercial host: there really is a better way! Appointment reminders are meant to be a convenience to your client and to your team, but with so much time and energy required of both parties to make so many phone calls, it’s easy to see why automated text reminders are surging in popularity. Keep reading to learn more about text reminders and how they’re reshaping courtesy to fit contemporary living. Phone Reminders are Impractical Have you ever covertly answered the phone during a meeting or while on the clock? […]

Top 5 Benefits of Personalized Appointment Reminders

1. Fewer No-Shows & Last-Minute Cancellations Give your clients and your support staff advanced notice of cancellations with friendly appointment reminders to avoid day-of cancellations and no-shows. Services like Apptoto allow you to choose your method of communication, including emails, voice calls, and text reminders based on you and your client’s needs and preferences. Not only will you give your client the helpful reminder they need to make sure their calendar is marked and they’re ready for their appointment, you can also include an easy cancellation option which allows them to inform you of their intended absence with adequate notice. This allows your team to refill the vacant appointment time and prevents your staff from preparing for a meeting that won’t be happening. 2. Customizable Reminders Help Clients Plan Ahead In addition to reminding your clients of their scheduled appointment, you can also tailor your message to include the essential details of your meeting, and even what they need to bring to be prepared. For instance, templates can be customized to accommodate a variety of appointment types, such as consultations, depositions, and court appearances. Each of these meetings is likely […]

How Much “No-Shows” are Really Costing Your Business

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of preparing for an appointment, gathering your documents, and making your way to the designated meeting place only to find yourself idling in wait as usable minutes pass by with no word from your client, you probably understand why appointment reminder software for law firms is becoming more and more popular every day. Legal calendaring software and automatic reminders can save your business time and money, all while mitigating the fallout that comes with no-show clients. When you take into account all of the wasted resources created by these missed opportunities, the true cost goes beyond just billable hours — though the loss of income is nothing to ignore. Beyond Lost Income We would need some time alone with your books to figure how much no-shows are costing you financially — and we’re guessing your accountant may protest granting us such access — so instead we’ll investigate other costs associated with no-shows and last-minute cancellations. For instance, if your firm or practice charges for missed meetings or claims a deposit, your up-front financial loss may be minimal or even nothing at all. But when […]

Staying Connected with Family Using Call Reminders

It’s always fun to see our clients making use of Apptoto in ways we never thought of when we first built it.  Most of our readers/users know us as simply an Appointment Reminder system; however Apptoto is really an appointment messaging platform that can be used in many creative ways. One such example is a “reverse phone tree” we started 2 years ago to help our Founder’s family encourage their 83-year old grandmother to go for a walk twice a day. Setting up a “reverse phone tree” like this in Apptoto was actually quite simple. In summary, we set up a calendar in Apptoto that contains “fake appointments” for when various members of the family should be reminded to call Grandma.  Apptoto sends a voice call at the start of each event on the calendar to the family member. The family members are given the option “press 1 to be connected”.  If 1 is pressed, the family member is directly connected to Grandma (using a hidden “Call forwarding” feature inside of Apptoto). Since we set this up in 2016, Apptoto has orchestrated over 1,100 calls to our Founder’s grandmother from […]

Sneak Peek at a New Feature | How to Use Search in Apptoto

Apptoto Releases New Search Feature Apptoto has released a very powerful search feature that allows you to search for your customers, confirmed appointments, no-shows, custom fields, with robust reporting and messaging capabilities. Apptoto Search is Still in Beta We have not rolled out search to all of our customers. The functionality is still in Beta, and we are looking for our customer feedback.  Are you interested in trying out this new feature? Please reach out to How Can You Leverage Apptoto Search? Search allows you the ability to manage appointment messaging, view your customer’s appointments, and enhanced reporting. Viewing your customer’s behavior is easy with search, you can look at the history of their appointments, even who they booked with at your business, no-shows, and appointment cadence.  Apptoto will also create a custom report for your searches. If you leverage custom fields in Apptoto, for example, if you use Apptoto to manage your sales calls, you can search for all your upcoming prospect calls. Common Search Syntax: “confirmed: true” aka Confirmed Appointments “confirmed!=true” aka All Unconfirmed Appointments “cancelled: true” aka All Cancelled Appointments “start_time> today” aka All Appointments After […]