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14 Spa and Hair Appointment Reminder Templates for the Modern Client

Missing a hair or spa appointment that you’ve been looking forward to for days, weeks, even months (hello, balayage, we’re looking at you) is the worst. Especially when that appointment is due to sheer forgetfulness and not an unavoidable scheduling conflict. Maybe the baby got fussy or they got busy and time just got away from them. Regardless, no-shows cost you time and money. That’s why Apptoto provides online scheduling and customizable appointment reminder templates for salons, spas, barber shops, and more. Salon Appointment Reminder Software Send your clients reminders to make sure they know when and where to be for their appointment and avoid costly no-shows, late arrivals, and last-minute cancellations. By providing an easy way to cancel or reschedule their appointment ahead of time via our messaging services, you also allow yourself adequate time to refill that time slot and avoid a missed opportunity for income. Online Booking for Salons and Spas Scheduling services online is a great way to reduce stress in your clients before you even get a change to pamper them. Missed appointments can be particularly costly to spas, as many clients will reserve multiple treatments […]

9 Therapy Appointment Reminder Templates to Improve Patient Communication

Your patients have a lot on their minds, which makes it easy to forget things. As a result, they may miss their sessions costing you time and money. Unfortunately, missed appointments are normally not on purpose. People simply forget. As a therapist and counselor, you create a safe and welcoming environment for your clients to come and work through what is on their minds. Now you can take that patient experience further with customizable therapy appointment reminder templates that show your patients that their time with you is important. HIPAA-Compliant Appointment Reminder Software Apptoto’s therapy appointment scheduling software can send HIPAA-compliant text appointment reminders to your clients. Protect your patients’ information and privacy, as well as your business, while still providing them with a personalized experience that helps them show up on time for their appointments. Visit our HIPAA page to learn more. Simple, Easily Integrated With Apptoto, you don’t have to change your scheduling process. Apptoto is a simple counselor scheduling software and appointment reminder software that integrates directly with your patient appointment calendars. Then, it can send automated and customized reminders to your patients to make sure they […]

How to Send an Appointment Reminder Text

You run your own business. That means you have plenty of things to worry about, but reminding your clients when and where to show up shouldn’t be one of them. Learn how to schedule and send an automated appointment reminder text to your clients and patients today. First, sign up for a free trial of Apptoto. No credit card required. Then, link your existing appointment calendar to Apptoto. Apptoto integrates with most calendars including: Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and iCal. We also integrated with major CRMs like Salesforce. For healthcare professionals, we can connect to most EMR and EHR systems. And for attorneys and legal practitioners, we have integrations built with Clio, PracticePanther, Rocket Matter and Time Matters. Check out our full list of integrations. Need help setting up when messages go out?  Review our Message Timing Options documentation in the Apptoto Support Manual. Next, choose the time you’d like your reminder messages to be sent to your clients prior to their appointment. By default, Apptoto will create a text reminder, voice reminder and email to be sent 1 day prior to the scheduled appointment. Don’t worry, […]

How To: Use Zapier to Add Appointments into Google Sheets

Many of our clients manage their appointment-based business through Google Sheets which can be a quick and easy way to keep all of your appointments in one place, especially if you aren’t using a CRM. But it can be cumbersome to continuously download your appointments from Apptoto into your spreadsheet. That’s why we integrated with Zapier. With a quick Zap, appointments booked in Apptoto can automatically be added as an entry into a Google spreadsheet. Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your Zap Step 1: Request to join our Zapier Beta here. Once you sign-up, you can build your Zap. Step 2: Login to Zapier and click “Make a Zap” Step 3: Set the trigger to “Appointment Scheduled” in Apptoto Step 4: If you haven’t already, connect your account to Zapier. Step 5: Add an Action/Search Step to “Create New Row” in a Google Sheets Step 6: Set up the template in your Google Sheets account. You’ll want to add headers to the columns that match the data you would like imported. This data will be pulled in directly from the calendar event. You can customize it for your business needs. In […]

Three Things to Automate Today with Zapier

The “Internet of Things” is a household phrase these days. You can automate anything from your home security system to your morning coffee with the touch of a button. Automation has taken over our homes and is rapidly moving into our businesses, making our lives simpler each day. Though automation software and processes are a huge contributing factor to productivity and efficiency in the workplace, when it seems like everything can be automated…it’s hard to know where to start. With Apptoto’s new integration with Zapier, it’s easier than ever to connect the systems you use to run your appointment-based business. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Zapier is an easy-to-use integration tool that makes connecting disparate software applications a breeze with “Zaps”, which are automated workflows between software applications. You don’t have to be a developer…or even know what an API is…to be able to automate your software processes. To help get you started, here are three Zaps you can get started with today with Apptoto and Zapier. 1. Create A New Contact From an Appointment Scheduled Online According to a survey done by GetApp, 31% of people will choose […]

Appointment Reminders and Regulatory Compliance: FCC and TCPA

Apptoto, cannot provide legal advice, however we feel it’s important to inform our users of the regulations surrounding automated appointment reminders.  This information is not to be used as a substitute for legal counsel. TLDR: If you can show that your client gave you his or her wireless number, then you effectively have express consent to send non-healthcare appointment reminders (via automated text or voice call). We are often asked if it’s necessary to obtain express written consent before sending automated voice call (or text) appointment reminders.  Ultimately, you (as a user of Apptoto or any automated appointment reminder service) are responsible for staying in compliance of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).  So it’s important you understand what level of consent you must obtain before sending out automated messages. Sending appointment reminders is an efficient way to reduce no-shows.  No-shows can hurt (and sometimes kill) your business. So we believe you have every right to try and protect your business.  If a client books an appointment with you, you should have the right to confirm with them that they are still coming before the appointment takes place.   On the […]

How to use Apptoto Webhooks

Apptoto Webhooks allow you to integrate Apptoto’s Appointment Messaging & Scheduling Platform further into your workflow, by triggering things to happen when certain events happen in Apptoto (e.g. when someone books an appointment with you, or when someone is a no-show). Recently we took our Webhook platform out of BETA and made it generally available to all users. You’ll find the settings for this feature on the Settings > Integrations > Webhooks section of your Apptoto portal.  You can also find more information about webhooks in our reference manual here: /apptoto-manual/article/webhooks/ What are Webhooks? Webhooks are a powerful technology that allows a cloud service, such as Apptoto, to communicate (in real time) with another cloud service or an on premise solution. Basically a Webhook is a way to tell Apptoto to visit a URL (like you would in a browser) automatically whenever a specific trigger happens in Apptoto.  That can be used in conjunction with other services that offer special URLs to be visited in order to trigger things to happen in those services.  For example, with Apptoto Webhooks, you can tell Apptoto to visit a specific URL that triggers a […]

New Auto Messages Editor

We’ve recently started rolling out a new version of our “Auto Messages” tab inside of the Apptoto application.  All new users have access to it, and all existing users can now try it.  This blog post will cover some of the changes to how the Auto Messages editor works and the motivation behind those changes. But first, a quick overview of automatic messages At its core, Apptoto is an automatic messaging platform for your calendar.  The goal of Apptoto is to provide businesses with an easy to use, easy to customize, and easy to orchestrate mechanism for communicating with their clients embedded in their appointment book. The main reason that users want such a system is to send automatic messages before every appointment to A) remind the client and B) to establish a way for the client to easily reply back and confirm, cancel, or reschedule. But there are other reasons you might want to send messages before or after appointments on your calendar.  You might want to follow up with clients to remind them to do something or to book their next appointment.  Or you might want to send […]

Staff Messaging with Apptoto’s “To: Field” feature

We all know now just how powerful and flexible Apptoto’s automated messages are for reminding your clients of their appointments, but what if you or your staff also need to receive reminder messages for all appointments?  You can now use Apptoto’s “To: Field” feature to send automated messages to your staff or reminders to yourself. You can utilize all of the same customization features available for “Auto Messages” when setting up staff messaging.  For example, if you can create a rule/condition that tells Apptoto to only send messages to your staff when the appointment on their calendar contains the phrase “initial consultation”.  You can also fully customize the message, including timing and content/language. If you are a service business, this feature is exceptionally handy for sending reminders to field agents who may not have their calendar on-hand! Enabling the “TO: Field” feature To get started with this feature, you’ll first need to turn it on.  You can do so by going to the “Settings” > “Advanced & Privacy” tab in your Apptoto account. From there, check the ‘Enable the “To:” field in Auto Messages’ option and click “Save Settings” at the […]

Feature Update: Apptoto Connect – Voice Message Enhancements

If you’ve used the compose button on the Agenda or Inbox/Outbox view lately (i.e. our new “Apptoto Connect” feature), then you’ve noticed that you can now send Voice Call messages to one or more recipients easily from your Apptoto phone number. The Compose button can be used to send messages to contacts that have appointments with you (by clicking the check boxes on the left and then clicking Compose) or to contacts that are not on your calendar. Here are three ways you can use the Apptoto Connect voice call and messaging reminders for your scheduling. 1. Easily send your own voice (MP3 messages) Once you click “Compose” you have the option to choose which type of messages you want to send.   With our latest release, if you choose “Voice Call” only, then you are given the opportunity to upload an MP3 file to send as the content of the message.  This lets you send your pre-recorded voice instead of using our Text-to-Speech engine. You can interweave Text-to-Speech content with MP3 too!  Just type out the full message that you want to send (and add any dynamic fields you want […]