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Payments by Message

Payments by Messages allows you to adjust the Auto Messages sent for an appointment to include information for the client regarding their associated payments.

General Payments by Message:

In the Auto Messages section, you will have a “Payments Options” section where you can specify the type and cost you would like to accept for your appointments.



The default options allow you to set one set price for all appointments, or you can tell Apptoto to “Use price in event instead if one exists” to have variable costs depending on the appointment. Checking that option allows you to specify the price into the title of the appointment on your calendar shown here:


After saving the new event, Apptoto will automatically queue the messages set within the Auto Messages that should be sent for that appointment. When the message is sent, the link to Apptoto’s appointment page will be displayed:


When the link is clicked, the appointment page (click here to see how to customize) will now include the payment info specified from the price we added to the title:

*If we had not added a price in the title, Apptoto would not include the Payment Info section.*


Targeted Payments by Message:

One of the options for this feature is to target appointments with a payment that is due. The first step is to create a rule in the Auto Messages telling Apptoto when this message would apply, in this case we will select “Payment is Due” from the dropdown:


Once the rule is created, we would create a message to send at our specified time – in this case, one hour before:

In the body of the message, we can add or customize any additional text along with the Payment Prompt. The Payment Prompt can be insert with the Insert Field button, Payments>Prompt:

Once customized with the prompt, we can add a new appointment in the Appointments option and the payment message will send with the information for the client to pay using an existing card or enter new payment information:


When a client replies ‘p’ the payment will be processed, the appointment will be marked as paid and you will be able to manage future charges or refunds through the appointments page or within the contact.

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